Reducing the risk to your organization requires coordinated and calculated strategic and operational decisions. Malicious cyber-attacks, disgruntled former employees and absent minded current ones all add to your level of risk. We provide tools your users will love, eliminating the workarounds that increase risk to your data. With Litéra, get enterprise-class data control without hindering file access and collaboration.

  • Email Controls – Eliminate high-risk email mistakes by personalizing alerts and disabling certain functions.
  • Hidden Data Management – Control all types of hidden metadata in the documents you share from any device.
  • Document Comparison – A single missed change can have a profound impact on the intended result of any professional document.
  • Deal Room – No longer sacrifice custody of your document in order to simultaneously collaborate with others.
  • Persistent Data Protection – Robust and complete access control of your critical assets.
  • Large File Transfer – Eliminate user workarounds to email attachment size limits.
  • Message Encryption – Encrypt messages and attachments in motion and at rest.
  • File Sharing – On premise, highly secure yet easy to use file sharing.
  • Document Automation – Professional looking documents, with the right content, every single time.

Extra Words, Just For Thought

Don’t unintentionally leave hidden data in the documents you share. Don’t sign or finalize a business document, spreadsheet, or presentation without knowing exactly what changes have been made, who approved them, and when. Don’t make common Outlook email mistakes like Reply All to BCC or deeply threaded emails. Don’t auto correct the wrong email address. Stop sacrificing custody of your document in order to collaborate with others.

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