We chose Litera’s Innova product because it is easy to use, and requires little user training, since it is seamlessly integrated with Word and has an intuitive interface that can be customized if desired. Innova also has an enterprise-grade architecture with database connections for multiple offices stored in one consolidated configuration file to allow us to share templates globally without having to redo them in each location. We can grant/deny access to specific templates by Office location, username, and security groups. Litera is a well-established company with a very large customer base, especially for Innova. We are happy to report that the product has been well adopted by our users, and implementation and upgrades have been relatively easy, plus pricing is competitive.

Larry Liss
Chief Technology Officer
Blank Rome

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Litéra offers a comprehensive product stack for cyber-secure document creation, control and collaboration and with technology that provides organizations with unsurpassed content risk management.

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