The Metadata Magician

  Have you ever watched a magician try to perform a trick and it turned out to be a complete fail? I mean an epic fail. Take the famous vanishing act for example. The magician places an object into the hat, covers and uncovers the hat with the audience’s full attention…and nothing happens. The object…


A Better PDF

  Rise of the PDF Almost thirty years ago, PDF (Portable Document Format) transformed the way the world sends and receives important documents. Since that time, the ongoing advancement of technology has revolutionized the way businesses, firms and professionals operate at the fundamental level. Sending and receiving digital documents is easier, faster, and cheaper than…


Change Pro® 10.1 – Native PDF Comparison

What’s New in This Release? The latest update to Change-Pro® adds an entirely new PDF comparison feature to this already feature-rich comparison tool. But wait…doesn’t Change-Pro® already include PDF comparison? The answer is yes, however, Change-Pro® 10.1 enhances existing PDF comparison capabilities with a different kind of PDF comparison. The Story Not too long ago…


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