Everything You Need to Know About Litera’s Governance Solutions

Tue 19 Jul 2022

Earlier this year, Litera entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Prosperoware, an enterprise software company for the adoption and governance of collaboration systems. This move brings the best solutions and high-level thought-leadership to our esteemed clients and partners. The acquisition of Prosperoware gives Litera a full-fledged platform of governance solutions.

Prosperoware will play an integral role in the newly-formed "Litera Governance Solutions" platform – the latest addition to the ever-expanding list of Litera services.

We realize you may have some questions, and that's why we're happy to give you a little more background about what the Litera governance solutions are, and how they can enable your organization to collaborate more efficiently and securely when working in the office or from home.

What are the Litera Governance Solutions? (Formerly Prosperoware)

Litera's Governance solutions join our existing Drafting, Workflow, and Firm Intelligence platforms to provide provisioning and governance to allow clients to better manage their collaboration systems.

Founded in 2009, Prosperoware has developed the industry's most comprehensive integrated software platform, bringing order to a hybrid workforce's digital collaboration chaos. Now a part of the Litera family, these solutions provide the missing layer of modern collaboration by provisioning and managing the people, data, and risk associated with information exchange inside and outside the firm.

The company's software solutions add the missing layer of digital collaboration by providing team-specific context and security to users, data, and projects. This allows organizations to better manage their collaboration systems by making it easier to provision, classify, protect, manage, and govern data – ultimately mitigating data chaos and risks related to privacy and cybersecurity.

Why is Governance Key for my Organization?

You may have gotten this far and are thinking, "Ok, but what does this mean for me and my organization?"

Litera's Governance solutions can empower your organization to collaborate efficiently, effectively, and confidently. Governance should be at the core of your organization, and your processes should ensure that everyone is responsible for it. It's an all-hands-on deck approach, not something to be left to your IT or risk management teams.

Think about it: your marketing and sales teams often share and transfer personal information and data about clients. These team members are responsible for this information and need to ensure the data is shared and saved securely.

How and where you initiate a project and where your end-users save their files is also a key part of governance. Left to their own devices, users will often save data on their personal drives and then forget where they saved it, leaving them unable to find relevant content needed to do their jobs effectively.

This practice creates data chaos.

Chaos needs to be governed by providing logical places for users to save data and adding context by metadata. This ensures users can find their content and risk management teams can understand each piece of data and properly secure it.

How Do These Solutions Help My Organization Collaborate?

Litera Governance solutions empower organizations to collaborate safely with confidence.

The Governance solutions include CAM, Cloud Migrator, and PowerDesktop.

CAM is a Software-as-a-Service platform that serves as a last-mile solution to managing and governing disparate collaboration systems, including Microsoft 365. Through CAM, organizations can Provision, Classify, Protect, Manage, and Govern their data, folders, projects, workspaces, and more - across systems. As organizations continue to adapt to hybrid workplaces during the pandemic, CAM empowers your organization to mitigate data chaos and reduce risks related to privacy & cybersecurity.

It enables organizations to create logical locations for users to place data, provides rich custom metadata capabilities to empower users to locate data, and helps risk management teams to understand context so they can apply the proper security and minimization policies.

CAM supports various collaboration systems, including Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Lists), iManage, NetDocuments, file shares, and more to come.

Cloud Migrator is a migration tool designed to move on-premises DMS to the cloud for iManage and NetDocuments. With Cloud Migrator, organizations can benefit from a staging database, pre-migration check, automatic handling of common issues during the migration, detailed audit logs, the ability to run multiple migrations simultaneously, and much more. These capabilities make it a fast, resilient, and scalable tool used to migrate millions of documents.

PowerDesktop is the hybrid desktop client for power users in collaboration systems. It is currently available for iManage through the iManage Universal API. PowerDesktop is an intuitive and user-friendly tool designed to handle data transfer challenges efficiently. It enables clients to efficiently export and import documents in and out of workspaces and perform bulk operations.

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