Our product consultants reduce the duration of software implementation projects and accelerate the firm’s time to value. Our proven implementation methodologies follow best practices born out of the team’s unmatched experience implementing Litera solutions.

Add-on Services

Beyond the initial implementation, Litera’s consultants ensure that the value you receive from our software solutions continues to grow indefinitely. Leverage their vast experience to uncover new opportunities, enable additional use cases, expand your user base, enhance product configurations, develop new integrations, and adopt new software capabilities.

Strategic Consulting

With decades of experience guiding firms on their technology initiatives, Litera’s senior consultants share their insights to advise law firm leaders on enabling the firm’s strategic priorities, developing project roadmaps, evaluating new technologies, and mitigating risks.

Professional Services

Microsoft Office Planning Engagement

Litera's Office Planning Engagement helps prepare you for Office 365. These services focus on education, training, analysis, and configuration, including:

File > Options

Our consultants will review all the Word File>Option settings that are machine-specific and advise you how to best deploy across your entire user population.

Word 365 Training

Our team will train and educate you on the advanced features that make an impact while helping you prepare for Office 365.

PowerPoint Preparedness

We will review existing PowerPoint decks and discuss best practices and potential impacts of Office 365.

Deployment and Configuration

We assist you with the planning, analysis, and testing of the solutions you purchase. Our consultants will guide the configuration and installation of your software and accompanying modules, including integration with document management systems.

If you are using DocXtools, we can also design and configure the Microsoft Word ribbon and backstage view for optimum usability, including:

Inserting, re-arranging, removing, or hiding functionality on the Word ribbon


Adding native or customized command buttons, groups, and tabs


Hiding native functionality and replacing or supplementing it with equivalent DocXtools functionality

Intermixing custom macros on the Word ribbon

Inserting non-Microsoft images and icons on the Word ribbon

Editing screen tips and super tips across the Word ribbon

Replacing Word’s convert to .docx feature with the safe DocXtools .doc to .docx functionality


Hiding native Word functionality that is inappropriate for business users (including the Publish as Blog Post or Save to Web features)

What Others Say About Litera Support

"There's an openness to listening to the customer. We are impressed by the level of service, support, and collaboration we receive, and we know we have the people behind the software ready to support us."

K&L Gates
Director of Business Transformation