All Your Drafting Tools in One Ribbon

Legal professionals switch apps 1,200 times daily, wasting four hours a week. Litera Draft automates document drafting for lawyers in MS Word, saving valuable time.

Empowering Legal Professionals

Remove the complexity of legal document drafting and easily create, check, compare, clean, and publish impeccable documents without switching applications. 

Focus On High-Value Work without Multiple Point Solutions or Manual Drafting

Avoid Workflow Interruptions with One Simple Drafting Suite

Mitigate Risks That Damage Reputation and Client Confidence

Benefits of Litera Draft

Create Documents 85% Faster

Efficiently create high-quality first drafts with enterprise-approved templates and a content library.

Proofread, Style, and Repair with Ease

Enable legal professionals to deliver high-quality documents with AI-powered proofreading, styling, and document repair.

Collaborate Securely to Compare, Clean, and Share Documents

Take document collaboration to the next level by easily comparing document versions in seconds, cleaning risky metadata, and sharing encrypted documents. 

Securely Publish to PDF

Simplify PDF workflows and ensure legal professionals can seamlessly edit, redact, bind, and publish documents in less time.

An IT Game-Changer

Forget about managing multiple drafting points solutions. Consolidate your drafting technology into one suite with Litera Draft. 

Avoid Add-In Conflicts with a Drafting Suite That Sits in One MS Word Ribbon

Eliminate Disparate Point Solutions and Consolidate Your Drafting Tools to Improve Adoption

Work with One Vendor That Meets Your Needs through High-Quality Support

See Litera Draft in Action


Resources for Litera Draft

Learn more about how Litera Draft can help your law firm streamline document drafting.

Litera Draft Product sheet

Litera Draft is a document drafting platform that captures the entire drafting lifecycle in one Microsoft Word ribbon.
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