Why PS/Ship?

Shipping Management and Invoice Processing for the Modern Law Firm 

From Desktop to Delivery

Ship and manage packages directly from your desktop while saving your finance team endless hours reconciling and paying invoices. 

Shipping Proficiency—No Experience Needed

Make sound shipping choices that save money and avoid unnecessary fees while providing organizational control and accountability. 

Integration Where it Counts

Maximize productivity and ensure peace of mind by integrating with your network security, finance, CRM, and HRIS systems. 

All Shipping Workflows in One Place

Modernize your workflow by eliminating the need for managing stand-alone shipping, package tracking systems, and manual invoice reconciliation. 

30% Cost Savings

Save 30% on your total cost of shipping through freight optimization, labor efficiency, and cost recovery.

Join Over 75 of the Am Law 100

Over 75 of the Am Law 100 use our product. We've set the standard for product reliability, functionality, and support. 

Near-Perfect NPS

We’re proud to have earned a 96+ Net Promoter Score. An NPS over 80 is considered world-class.

Features of PS/Ship

Ship From Existing Contacts

PS/Ship integrates with your CRM system, allowing employees to ship from existing contacts without retyping addresses. 

Make Informed Shipping Decisions

PS/Ship combines your shipping options into one tool, so legal professionals can gain insights into their preferred choices. 

Follow Packages Through to Delivery

PS/Ship allows your law firm to stay in touch with shipments through delivery and be proactively notified of exceptions along the way. 

Make it Easier Next Time

PS/Ship takes note of the shipping options used for each contact and pre-populates label creation for future shipments.

Our Full Product Suite 

Specialized tools that work together for streamlined shipping and invoice management across your organization. 

PS/Ship Accountable: Shipping Made Easy

PS/Ship enables self-service shipping with full accountability through integration with your core business systems for faster, easier, and error-free shipping. 

PS/Invoice: Standardize Invoice Processing 

PS/Invoice delivers data directly into your financial systems making it more efficient to review, pay, allocate, and recover costs. 

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PS/Pouch: Catalogue Pouch Contents—Desktop to Desktop 

PS/Pouch brings accountability and ease of use to your intra-office pouch activity for faster processing, full visibility, and complete control. 

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PS/Receiver: Simplify Package Tracking and Mailroom Operations 

PS/Receiver streamlines the delivery of all incoming packages while ensuring employee safety and web-based dashboard control.

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