Experience the Power of Total Document Searchability With contentCrawler

contentCrawler intelligently identifies and converts non-searchable content in your database, ensuring nothing is ever missed.

Why contentCrawler?

Over 30% of documents in a repository are non-searchable. contentCrawler ensures these documents are accessible, enhancing productivity and compliance. 

Boost Productivity with contentCrawler

Streamline your document management process and enhance productivity with contentCrawler.

Smart Document Detection

contentCrawler automatically identifies and converts image-based documents into searchable PDFs.

Maintain Compliance

contentCrawler works round the clock, adding a text layer to image-based files, making them fully searchable.

24/7 Automation

24/7 automated services operate in the backend with minimal staff intervention.

“contentCrawler just sits in the background and does the job of OCRing for us whatever the source: scanned from a device, downloaded from an external portal, or sent as an attachment by email.”

- Christel Aguila, Head of IT at Winckworth Sherwood

Benefits of contentCrawler

Why contentCrawler is your go-to solution for efficient document scanning and management.

Always-On Monitoring

contentCrawler automatically finds, assesses, and converts image-based documents to searchable PDFs 24/7.
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Fully Automated

With contentCrawler, set and forget. It works in the background while you carry on with your tasks.
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Dual Processing Modes

contentCrawler simultaneously processes both new and legacy documents that come in through scanning or mergers and acquisitions.
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Better Search Capabilities

With contentCrawler, every document is text-searchable. Find what you need, when you need it.
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Reduce File Size—and Costs

contentCrawler's compression module reduces file sizes, saving you storage and migration costs without compromising document quality.
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Dashboard Reporting

Stay updated with the Administration Console dashboard, showing real-time OCR and compression progress.
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