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Litera’s contract analysis, transaction management, and drafting tools enable lawyers and legal professionals to deliver high-quality documents in less time, enhance accuracy in contract review and analysis, and modernize transaction management.

Lawyers Thrive with Litera Technology

With Litera’s solutions, lawyers and legal professionals can enhance productivity and more deeply engage their subject matter expertise to deliver excellent client value.

Focus on What Matters

Focus on higher-value work by automating repetitive tasks around document drafting, contract review, and transaction management.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate the risk of reputational damage that results from document mistakes, missing critical contractual language, and errors relating to document tracking and data entry in managing corporate transactions.  

Provide Value

Enhance client value through more accurate and timely documents, the ability to provide comprehensive, data-driven advice, and more transparent and collaborative transaction management. 

"We were looking for more than a vendor with robust and diverse experience, but a trusted partner that makes their products, our practice of law, and the industry better. That trusted partner is Litera."

- Melissa Speidel, Director of Business Transformation at K&L Gates

Amplify Impact in the Practice of Law

Litera’s solutions empower your lawyers to work smarter and reduce the risk of mistakes that affect reputation.

Litera Draft

All Your Drafting Tools in One Ribbon

Focus on higher-value work, improve document quality and accuracy, and mitigate risk with Litera Draft.

Machine-Learning Contract Review Software

Kira automatically highlights and extracts provisions that are important to you and helps you organize your data for analysis.
Kira Overview
Litera Transact

Manage Transactions Securely and Efficiently 

Litera Transact helps legal teams manage all transactions and simplify workflows across many different deal types.

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Hear from our customers about how we’re helping their firms Amplify Impact. 

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