Transformative Governance for Legal Success

Unleash the potential of your legal team with Litera's Governance solutions. Deliver unparalleled efficiency, security, and compliance tailored to your firm’s needs.

Unite Collaboration and Governance

Master data management, security, and collaborative excellence with robust tools that integrate with your firm’s workflow. 

“CAM is a very powerful product that let’s you pull business information from one system and use it to provision other systems. It’s a centralized application to manage the data flow within organizations regardless if it’s on premises or in the cloud.”

- Steve Dalgleish, Head of Technology at Shepherd and Wedderburn

"PowerDesktop Import, Export, and Review capabilities make it easy for our staff to transfer matter files to and from our client and other firms.” 

- Records Manager at Am Law 100 Firm

“Cloud Migrator is an intuitive tool, making even the largest and most complex migrations simpler and easier to carry out.” 

- Adam Zajicek, System Engineer at Micro Strategies Inc.

Comprehensive Governance for Legal Teams

Embrace a complete suite of tools with Litera's Governance solutions, crafted for legal teams to excel in collaboration and data governance. 


Streamlined Collaboration with CAM

Create a more efficient and secure environment with CAM. Provision, manage, move, analyze, and protect data across multiple systems—mitigating cybersecurity risks.
Cloud Migrator

Cloud Integration with Cloud Migrator

Transition to the cloud confidently with Cloud Migrator, ensuring data integrity and seamless migration for legal data. 

Enhanced Data Management with PowerDesktop

Transform your computing experience with PowerDesktop, a performance-driven solution that ensures a fast, customizable, and secure desktop environment.

Elevate Your Law Firm's Governance Standards

Achieve new heights in legal collaboration, data security, and operational agility with Litera's Governance solutions, tailored for legal excellence.

Efficient Legal Collaboration

Unrivaled Data Security

Streamlined Operations

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