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Litera Named Best Places to Work in 2024 by Built In

We're thrilled to be named to Built In's 100 Best Places to Work in 2024 list. Head to Built In's site to learn more about Litera, read reviews from our employees, and more.

Litera’s People Commitment

Accelerate Your Career

We offer opportunities for personal development. Grow faster with experiential learning, work globally, learn new tools, and expand technologies and learning through acquisitons and organic growth. 

Diversity and Equity Is at Our Core

The diverstiy of our talent is our advantage. Share your superpower with our global organization and learn how our differences can be our strength.  

Create Meaningful Connections

As a cohesive global team, we cultivate not only professional relationships but also personal friendships. Our collaborative and supportive environment promotes fun, fosters learning, and leverages the talents of our colleagues.

Hear from Our Team 

Evelyn Capetillo, Director of Customer Operations

‘‘I love working at Litera because we have a great team, awesome leadership, and our products offer real value to our customers.’’

Hardik Hapani, Technical Lead, QE

‘‘What I love most about Litera is we never give up. Litera is a diverse, inclusive workspace.’’

Corey Barnes, Director, Solutions Consulting

‘‘The reason why I like working at Litera is that Litera truly intends to make first-class, first-rate products for the legal industry.’’

Barry Solomon, VP, M&A Integration

‘‘It’s an exciting time to be at Litera because there are so many things that are changing, both in the legal profession and with technology. I love working at Litera because it’s fun to innovate and to make a difference.’’

Ashley Miller, VP, North American Sales

‘‘What's exciting about working at Litera is having the opportunity to help other lawyers improve the way that they do their work. We have a wonderful team of incredibly talented people that are really passionate about what they do.’’

Katelynn Kim, Account Executive - Large Law

‘‘As a former attorney, having Litera’s tools would have made my life a lot easier, and I just love sharing what’s available now with our clients. Litera is a great place to work because I've never worked at a company where there are so many female leaders.’’

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Explore our open roles to see if the Litera Team is a fit for you. 

Transparency in Coverage

The transparency in Coverage Final Rule requires disclosure of the negotiated rates with in-network providers and the historic allowed amounts paid to out-of-network providers for all health plans supported by Aetna.

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