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We all want our documents to be perfect, but in today’s world there simply isn’t enough time. Hundreds of organizations around the world trust Litera to help get their documents right, so they can focus more time on the work that really matters to the people they serve.

Work smarter. Work faster.

Litera is changing the way organizations perfect their documents and manage transactions.

Improve realization rates.

Reduce write-offs and write-downs by leveraging technology.

Retain clients.

Improve client service and turnaround time.

Enhance end-user happiness.

Reduce time spent on manual, tedious, and repetitive tasks.

Ready to work better?

What others say about Litera

Magic Circle Firm Improves Drafting Workflow Efficiency

Litera Goes Above and Beyond

Am Law 200 Firm Simplifies Vendor Relationships

Global 100 Firm Streamlines Closing Process

Paul Greenwood, CIO Clifford Chance

“We've worked with Litera for many years, and our lawyers are using their products daily. Litera Desktop is a natural progression for us as it enables us to provide our lawyers with a single interface for their drafting needs that will fit within their workflow more efficiently and with greater quality of documents."

Melissa Speidel, Director of Business Transformation K&L Gates

“There's an openness to listening to the customer, accepting and implementing product feedback, and continuing to build improvements around requests. We are impressed by the level of service, support, and collaboration we receive, and we know we have the people behind the software ready to support us."

Andrew Johnson, CIO Lewis Roca

“We knew when Litera presented their integrated product suite, Litera Desktop, we were seeing the complete solution we've been looking for. We're delighted that we were able to select a single provider that offers high-quality products while simplifying our vendor relationships."

Paula Macnamara, Partner Simmons & Simmons

“There is a lot of running around in the latter end of the deal which is not actually negotiating anything, it's purely the paper trail. Trying to logistically deal with the sheer volume of paperwork that's being thrown at you, and 30 emails all with the same header, with a system like Litera Transact it makes the process a lot more streamlined."