In 2021, 29% of Law Firms Reported a Data Breach

Litera offers comprehensive IT governance solutions for law firms to enhance productivity, ensure data compliance, and facilitate seamless collaboration.

“CAM is a very powerful product that let’s you pull business information from one system and use it to provision other systems.”

- Steve Dalgleish, Head of Technology at Shepherd and Wedderburn

“PowerDesktop Import, Export, and Review capabilities make it easy for our staff to transfer matter files to and from our client and other firms.” 

- Records Manager at Am Law 100 Firm

"We were already using the Litera Desktop productivity solutions, so when we learned there was an automated OCR solution as well, choosing it was a no-brainer.”

- Olivier Van Eesbeecq, Head of ICT & Facilities at Stibble Belgium

What Your Law Firm’s IT Strategy Needs

A suite of Governance solutions designed to streamline IT operations, enhance data governance, and ensure business continuity in law firms.


Enhance Your Security and Data Management

With CAM, you can minimize data chaos and reduce risks related to privacy and security.

Convert and Compress Documents Efficiently

With contentCrawler, you can convert non-searchable documents into searchable PDFs and reduce file size for cost efficiency.

A Seamless Solution for Data Export and Import

With PowerDesktop, you can facilitate easy, configurable, and fast exports and imports of data to and from the firm’s DMS.

Designed Specifically for Law Firms

Litera's governance solutions empower law firms to enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and mitigate risks while saving costs.

Maximize Productivity Without Sacrificing Quality

Increase productivity and enhance security with automated workspace creation and management and role-based access management. 

Seamless Data Transfers

Experience hassle-free, swift data exports and imports between your firm's DMS and PowerDesktop.
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Reduce Costs but Preserve Performance

Save on data storage costs with contentCrawler's Compression Module.
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We’re Changing the Legal Technology Game, but Don’t Take Our Word for It

Hear from our customers about how we’re helping their firms Amplify Impact. 

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