Gain Valuable Insights From Contracts and Documents

Leverage human-centered AI for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in reviewing and analyzing contracts and documents. Deliver differentiated client services and value.

Empower Your Teams

Kira empowers your teams to focus on high-value work with more efficient contract review.

Accurately Review Contracts with Kira's Built-In Intelligence

Streamline contract reviews and answer complex questions with Kira's Built-in Intelligence trained by lawyers to classify documents, group contracts with their related amendments, and identify, extract, and summarize over 1,400 clauses and data points in 40+ substantive areas.

Adaptive Workflows

Centralized online platform with data visualization tools. Instantly track progress, search, tag, and view details of aggregated contract data. 

Export with Ease

Export extracted information, with or without summaries, from selected or all documents. You can customize reports to meet your needs (e.g., export just the Most Favored Nation provisions). Kira exports into Word, Excel, PDF, HighQ and other custom exports using our API.

Better Informed Deals

Quickly and accurately uncover and summarize key language in contracts and other documents.

Enhance Accuracy and Productivity

Accelerate contract review processes and analyze more documents in less time, and with greater accuracy. 

Foster Greater Collaboration

Kira’s intuitive interface allows teams to assign tasks accordingly, easily track progress, and visualize aggregated data about the relative frequency or relationships between critical provisions and clauses, making it easy to work better and smarter. 

Deliver Differentiated Client Service

Leveraging Kira to accelerate contract reviews while maintaining high accuracy lets you focus on providing your clients with more valuable and comprehensive legal advice and services, such as additional due diligence and more comprehensive contract review.

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