Litera uses Subprocessors to support the provision of certain Litera products and services ordered by a Client under an Order Form (the “Services”). This page provides important information about the identity, location, and role of each Subprocessor.

What is a Subprocessor?

A Subprocessor is any third-party processor engaged by Litera that processes customer data as necessary to support delivery of the Services. Litera engages different types of Subprocessors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below.

The controller has authorized the use of the Subprocessors included on a list provided by the processor and incorporated by reference into these EU Standard Contractual Clauses – Controller to Processor as of their effective date.


Subprocessor list for Litera products

Drafting, Transact and Litigate products

Litera 0365 - Cloud

Litera Drafting Cloud products

Litera Drafting On-Premises products

Litera Litigate

Litera Transact Cloud

Clocktimizer products

Clocktimizer Cloud

Clocktimizer On-Premises

Concep products

Concep Cloud

Foundation products

Foundation Cloud and Foundation Dragon

Foundation On-Premises

Kira products


CE Manager, LawCruit and Top Performance

CE Manager, LawCruit and Top Performance

Objective Manager products

Objective Manager Cloud

CAM, PowerDesktop, Cloud Migrator, Milan, Desktop Import/Export & Zone

CAM Software

PowerDesktop, Cloud Migrator, Milan, Desktop Import/Export & Zone

Upper Sigma products

Upper Sigma


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