Create Better Documents 85% Faster with Litera Create

Enable lawyers to produce high-quality documents with enterprise-approved templates.

Key Features of Litera Create


Create templates, precedents, boilerplates, and packs. Share them with individual users, practice groups, or enterprise-wide.

Save Content

Easily store correctly-formatted clauses, definitions, precedents, etc. for future access.

Numbering and TOCs

Define and manipulate existing numbering, styles, and generate multiple tables of content in a document.


Create templates with generic placeholders from documents containing specific client data.

Flexible Content Insertion

Insert content and specify source or target formatting using drag and drop, doubleclick, or right-click menu.

House Pleadings

Apply firm styles to the federal and state court pleadings.

Purposeful Integrations Across Your Technology Stack and Litera

Pull Content from Existing Third-Party Stystems

Litera Create's innovative architecture and REST API allow you to integrate it with any extensible third-party back-end system, for easier document creation.

Automatically Populate Documents with Client or Matter Numbers

Litera Create integrates with Litera’s Foundation, so users can automatically insert client/matter information into their documents, reducing errors.

Benefits of Litera Create - Templates

Gain Enterprise Templates

Standardize document creation with consistent document templates.

Retain Clients

Meet client requirements with proper style application.

Create Complex Documents

Meet firm standards by creating complex templates with conditional logic.

Benefits of Litera Create - Content

Find the Right Content

Include the most updated and relevant content in documents.

Stay Secure

Protect your firm’s reputation by mitigating the risk of including outdated or sensitive content in documents.

Enable Employees

Empower junior lawyers to work like seasoned partners with instant access to knowledge.

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