Mitigate Risk with AI-Powered Proofreading

1 in 3 legal professionals admit to skipping proofreading tasks due to time. Litera Check surfaces issues in a click, saving time and mitigating mistakes. 

Proofreading, Styling, and Repair - All In One Installer

Automatically Proofread Documents

Analyze documents with one click to surface all document issues related to definitions and defined terms, cross-references, citations, and more.  

Proofread While Drafting

View and resolve document issues while drafting documents through the Active Drafting feature.

Ensure Consistent Citations and Tables

Find and mark citations for an accurate Table of Contents. Edit directly in the task pane and apply hyperlinks to case citations and references from online research providers.

Apply Proper Formatting and Styles

Apply comprehensive document styles and resolve issues with numbering and cross-references to deliver documents that meet firm and client requirements.

Tackle Complex Document Issues In Just a Few Clicks

Surface and resolve common Microsoft Word issues in documents in one click and automatically fix any issues that arise when converting Word to PDF documents.

Benefits of Litera Check

Boost Efficiency

Focus on high-value work with accurate document proofreading.

Save Time

Deliver quality work without repetition or manual document correction.

Improve Processes

Streamline review, increase precision, and reduce costly errors.

Increase Profits

Increase profitability by empowering lawyers to fix their own documents.

“The latest statistics we have show that fee earners are saving around an hour every week, solely in proofreading time. When you multiply that by the number of people who are still working with hourly rates, it’s quite a significant number for us."

Applications Director, Am Law 100 Firm

"Litera Check really improves my stress levels as well as the firm’s efficiency. It’s possible for a proofread that was once several hours to take as little as 15 minutes.” 


Partner, Top Ranked International Law Firm

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