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Tap the power of AI across your firm’s data with Litera. We’re leveraging generative AI (GenAI) to elevate data, provide context, and present information directly at the fingers of legal professionals in real-time.

Due Diligence and Contract Analysis

Your trusted assistant in reviewing and analyzing contracts and creating client deliverables for corporate transactions.
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Deal Point Insights Powered by GenAI

Get answers to complex legal questions in seconds, by leveraging AI to tap into your firm’s collective deal experience and deal data.
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Discover opportunities through technology to improve processes, reduce repetitive work, and quickly source firm intelligence! Litera products are evolving alongside the demands of legal work, and this is your opportunity to learn what’s next in legal innovation.View our webinar series to find out how Litera can Amplify Your Impact with the Power of Legal AI.

Amplify Impact with Litera's Generative AI Products

Answer Complex Legal Questions in Seconds
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Amplify Impact in M&A Due Diligence and Beyond

Leveling up Transactional Workflows with Generative AI
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Review, Analyze, and Synthesize Content in Contracts Faster with Kira + GenAI:

Analyze Kira Findings More Efficiently: With Kira Smart Summaries, legal teams will see enhanced accuracy and speed in synthesizing content in contracts and other documents, enabling them to deliver recommendations and strategic advice to their clients faster.

Start Projects, Gain Insights, and Produce Reports Faster: Combining Kira’s machine learning and world-class workflows with GenAI will make it even easier to collaborate, extract granular data points, and produce work product and client deliverables.


With Foundation + GenAI, Transform All of a Firm’s Collective Knowledge and Experience into Up-to-Date Insights in Context:

Document Analysis and Deal Point Extraction Across Platforms: Foundation analyzes transaction documents and data inputs across platforms while identifying and extracting deal points, pairing them with the matter profile.

Advise Clients on "What’s Market” Insights in Real-Time: Get answers, not search results, from a firm’s collective experience by asking questions using natural language and drilling down further based on what’s relevant.

Foundation Dragon

With Foundation Dragon, transform all of a firm's collective knowledge and experience into up-to-date insights in context:

Document Analysis and Deal Point Extraction Across Platforms

Foundation Dragon analyzes transaction documents and data inputs across platforms while identifying and extracting deal points, pairing them with matter profile.

Advise Clients on "What's Market" Insights in Real Time

Get answers, not search results, from a firm's collective experience by asking questions using natural language and drilling down further based on what's relevant.

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How Litera Amplifies Impact with AI

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Sheryl Hoskins, CEO

"With products like Kira, Clocktimizer, and Litera Check, Litera has been at the forefront of integrating AI into legal technology for over a decade. Bringing together Kira’s tried and tested, lawyer-trained machine learning assets with the power of generative AI, represents the next step in the evolution of technology-enabled legal services, which will unlock more efficiency and amplify impact for our customers."

Greg Coates, VP of Generative AI

"As leaders in AI technology, Litera is creating solutions that energize the firms we serve and break down silos and barriers in their day-to-day workflows. The technology we’re building at Litera goes beyond a chat-bot add-on. Our AI solutions create a virtuous cycle of valuable knowledge and data, at the fingertips of anyone at your firm at the right moment; all built with a deliberate approach to innovation that is secure, purpose-driven, and amplified by valuable customer input and over a decade of investment in training AI."

Our Approach to Generative AI and LLM Technologies

We recognize that while AI offers significant benefits, human expertise and judgment remain critical in the legal profession. That’s why our legal AI solutions are designed to augment and enhance your work, empowering you to deliver in a way that you can rely on and trust.Our approach to integrating generative AI and LLMs into our current product suite is based on the following principles:

Mission Driven Alignment

Our goal goes beyond implementing generative AI; we strive to implement it in a way that accelerates our mission of amplifying your firm’s impact.

Harnessing AI's Potential Strategically

There are many approaches to AI, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The key to success is to use the right AI for the right purpose.

Embracing Human and AI Collaboration

Humans and AI work better together than AI or humans alone, so we seek to implement legal AI that can provide suggestions while ultimately giving lawyers the final say.

Let Lawyers Be Lawyers

User experience is key. Lawyers shouldn’t need to become prompt engineers. While we strive for extraordinary results, we also know that the accuracy of the results is sensitive and highly dependent on the prompt. Overcoming this challenge is one of our key objectives.

Accuracy and Trust

We are moving quickly without sacrificing quality, which means thorough testing and analysis of the AI before we release new product features.

What makes Litera AI different?

Kira forever changed the way firms manage contract reviews for mergers and acquisitions, fueling over 85,000 projects, 13 million contracts, and billions of dollars in corporate transactions. Trained by Litera's in-house Legal Knowledge Engineering team of experienced attorneys on over one million contracts and 500,000 examples, Litera AI helps the world's largest professional service firms and corporations quickly uncover relevant information from their contracts and documents and contextualize this information to support data-driven decision-making.

With Litera, law firms can provide high-quality work faster, freeing up lawyers to focus on amplifying their impact for clients and leveraging their unique experience.

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