Make Strategic Decisions with Litera’s Legal Knowledge Management

Leverage your firm's data to make accurate decisions quicker and easier than ever before. With Litera's knowledge management solutions you can leverage your firm's experience and get concrete answers to complex legal questions.

Centralize and Transform Your Firm's Data into Insights

Your knowledge is what makes you unique. Leverage your collective work experience for competitive advantage and operational efficiencies.

Put Firm Knowledge at Your Lawyer's Fingertips

Enable legal professionals to insert the most relevant precedent language into their documents with ease.

Turn Your Firm's Experience into Client Value with Foundation Dragon

Gain a competitive edge with a GenAI deal-point database that can answer complex questions like "what's market?" in seconds.


Turn Deal Data Into Market Insights With Foundation

Automatically extract deal points from transaction documents and pair them with matter profiles and put answers at your lawyer's fingertips with GenAI search capabilities.

Efficiently Deliver Legal Excellence

Transform your client experience by centralizing your data and providing easy access to fully connected profiles of your clients, matters, lawyers, and third parties.
Litera Create

Create Documents 85% Faster

Curate exceptional content libraries so lawyers insert the most accurate and relevant precedent language in their documents, saving time to focus on higher value work and mitigating the risk of reputational damage.

Capture and Share Knowledge Automatically

Leverage Kira to easily find and use trusted information from your contracts and other documents. With Kira, knowledge management teams have a solution that can automatically capture the knowledge of a firm’s lawyers both during and after the completion of a matter and easily share it with other team members. 

“How do we ensure that our knowledge is being passed along to the next person? A lot of the Litera tools help us with that. It helps us manage our knowledge and create better precedent."

- Melissa Speidel, Business Transformation Leader at K&L Gates

“The driver for us was simply to accelerate the quality of all documents that clients receive by reducing the errors that we, as humans, can tend to overlook. Litera platforms provide an extra level of security in the drafting process"

- Head of Knowledge Management at Top-Ranked European Law Firm

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