Why LawCruit?

Benefits of LawCruit

Legal Recruiting Tailored to Your Firm’s Needs

Attract the best talent with an organized application and hiring process that includes Outlook integration, email automation, and dashboards to keep recruiters up to date on recruitment status.  

Hire the Best

Manage greater quantities of interviews, hire the best people quicker, and outpace your competition. 

Organized, Efficient Recruiting Process

Streamline the entire application process, from submission to hiring. Efficiently review and manage applications, saving precious time and resources.

Robust Reporting

Enable reporting and evaluation of candidate source, performance in interviews, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) metrics. LawCruit even generates mandatory diversity reports for U.S. firms. 

“We love the relationship we’ve established with LawCruit over the years. The support team is so responsive, and they ask for our opinions about how things are working and what additional features we want. We don’t need troubleshooting help very often, but when we do reach out, they’re always there for us.” 

-Senior Manager, Legal Recruitment Operations, Global 200 Law Firm 

First Impressions Matter 

Streamline your candidate-to-hire process by integrating seamlessly with Outlook calendars and providing dashboards for recruiters to view applicants for specific positions and interview information. 

Centralized Repository of Candidates

Organize candidate information in one place and view applicants by their status. Filter candidates by categories with flagging features to get back to them at another time. 

Integrated Career Site for Job Postings

Use the customizable Job Postings feature so candidates can find open positions. Create different applicant types to group positions such as Partners, Associates, and Summer Associates in different areas of your website. 

Collect Candidate Information in One Place

Use LawCruit’s online applications to collect the data you need and DEI information to help the firm be an equitable employer.  

Automate Your Candidate Communications

Use automated, branded emails created for each candidate based on status. Send offer and reject letters en masse, saving time and reducing errors.  

Integrated Outlook Appointments for Interviewers

Automatically send Outlook appointments to interviewers. LawCruit integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WebEx, and emails can have customized language and links to the candidate’s resume and cover letter. 

Interview Evaluations from Anywhere

Create customized evaluations to get feedback on any role. Evaluations can be filled out on a mobile device and automated reminders can be sent, increasing the rate of feedback.  

On- Campus Interviewing Success

Profiles, applications, and interview schedules can be automatically created using an import from a particular school. Easily follow-up for OCI Callbacks by utilizing the Status and Flag features. 

Faciliate Your Summer Associate Plan

LawCruit’s Summer Program Module will help facilitate your entire Summer Associate plan. Summers and Work Coordinators can interact via portal about assignments, allowing for efficient evaluation. 

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