Why Litera Transact?

Mitigate risk, increase profitability, and impress clients with a secure platform for managing deals.

Key Transaction Management Features

Customizable Checklists

Collaborative and customizable checklists give your team the flexibility to manage deals more efficiently and securely. 

Compare Document Changes in Seconds

Compare any two versions of Word and PDF files in your checklist, view changes online, and download comparisons without leaving Litera Transact.

Signature Page Creation Simplified

Signature pages are created automatically by matching deal documents to pre-formatted templates that can be customized for each signer.

Deal Cloning for New Deals

Avoid the time-consuming re-population of deal information by cloning entire deals – the documents, signer info, page formats, and more.

Deal Data On-Demand

Quickly generate reports on actions performed at the organization and deal levels and on detailed user info, providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Transform Key Deal Types

Litera Transact helps legal teams manage all legal transactions and simplify workflows across many different deal types.

Banking and Finance

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M&A and Private Equity

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Real Estate

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Venture Capital

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