Why pdfDocs?

pdfDocs streamlines productivity and improves security by allowing easy editing, true redaction, and effortless binding.  

Integrate Seamlessly

Manage PDFs using an integrated tool that works with your core business systems.

No Conversions Needed

Engage in smart editing and make changes to your PDF documents quickly and easily with no conversion to Word needed. 

Get Time Back

Automate the creation of multiple PDF documents and binders with a powerfully simple application.

Key Features of pdfDocs

Create PDFs

Create PDFs optimized to meet legal industry requirements and validate them for PDF/A compliance.

Edit PDFs

Add, remove, or rearrange pages. Modify text or images. Annotate, apply digital signatures, and more.

Share Securely

Apply permanent redaction, document encryption, and restrictions on printing, copying, and modifying to protect sensitive information.

Organizer Projects Mode

Set up workspaces for projects with collated document sets and generate a single, secure PDF for easy distribution. 

Binder Projects Mode

Automate the assembly of vast numbers of documents into a Closing Bible with an automatically created Cover Page, Table of Contents, and Bookmarks. 

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