Improve the document journey: Publish or file sooner with time-saving PDF software

Thu 17 Jun 2021

This post is taken from the eBook: Discover how to produce high-quality work at every stage of the document journey. Download your copy to learn more about collating files, sharing secure PDFs, and optimizing output for eFiling, archiving, and more.

When you use PDF software designed for law firms, you reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks - like redacting, applying Bates Numbering, or updating a Table of Contents.

It can also speed up the job of combining multiple PDFs relating to a single client, matter, or project. Work on related documents in a dedicated project space, and then assemble the final versions into an easy-to-distribute PDF. Or files can be output as compliant PDF/As to meet court filing and archiving requirements.

Plus, quickly add an electronic signature to a PDF or request a signature from a client via integration with electronic signature services like DocuSign.

Do more with your documents


Make revisions and edit the content of your PDFs quickly and easily - no conversion to Word required. Apply redactions, add an electronic signature, recognize text, and much more, including:

  • Edit text and images
  • Comment, annotate and bookmark
  • Free-hand draw, crop, copy and undo
  • Recognize text in scanned documents
  • Choose to output to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF
  • Ensure compliance with certified PDF/A creation and validation


pdfDocs is powering paperless PDF workflows at Harper Grey

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted much of Harper Grey’s work to remote locations.

pdfDocs provided its staff with the necessary tools to continue to work effectively without paper, providing both cost and time-saving benefits.

Now, document review is a purely electronic process. “We can sign, annotate, and redact documents electronically and produce electronic PDF binders that can be shared securely with our clients.

Search and redact

Courts often require that confidential or personal information is redacted from PDFs before they are submitted. Trying to find every time a name or number appears in a large document set is challenging, and it’s easy to miss something.

Pattern search technology can help legal professionals find and redact this information much faster while minimizing the chance of getting it wrong.

Patterns can include phone numbers, credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers (and regional equivalents), email addresses, and dates.

A search will return all instances of your selected pattern, and you then have the option to redact all or pick and choose.

The redaction applied by these specialist PDF applications is proper redaction, in the sense that it can’t be uncovered or undone since the information is permanently removed from the PDF.

Create Court Bundles faster

Creating legal documents like Closing Books, Share Purchase Agreements, or Legal Due Diligence Reports is a much quicker process with PDF bundling software.

With court bundling software, PDF bundling happens in three steps: create a new binder file, add documents, and convert.

During the conversion process, the software automatically generates a Table of Contents, hyperlinks, and bookmarks. It not only saves the user time but ensures readers can easily navigate through the collection of documents.

Users can also work from PDF bundle templates with a standard cover page, Table of Contents, folder structure, watermarks, numbering set, and security settings. This ensures nothing gets missed or forgotten, and consistency is maintained across different teams and their members.

How much is print waste costing your firm?

Many firms underestimate just how much printing waste is costing their business.

The actual cost of printing can be as much as eight times the cost of paper alone or up to 3% of your revenue. This means even small changes such as increasing the amount of double-sided printing can deliver significant savings.

The modern law firm is also focused on its environmental credentials. Reducing the consumption of printing resources is a key way to reduce your carbon footprint.

The best way to save time, money, and the environment is, of course, not to print at all. However, the actual ‘paperless office’ is still some way off, and there are times when lawyers need to print paper.

Simple, optimized print management


Print management software makes printing from Word and Outlook work for businesses by balancing control with flexibility and simplicity for the user.

Outlook printing
Print only the emails and attachments you need, with color and duplex printing sets applied automatically. Simplify printing for calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Word printing
Choose how each document type should be printed. printDocs automatically sets paper trays, duplex, color printing, and watermarks for each print job.

Quick Print
Quick Print shortcut options guide users to the most economical, standard printing methods for every document type. For example, email printing options include printing all or only selected emails within a thread, on separate or continuous pages.  


Publishing is just one part of the document journey. Download the eBook to discover solutions that transform every stage of the journey – including smart collaboration, secure file sharing, and much more. 

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