CAM Helps Media & Entertainment Company Build Deeper Relationships Between People and Projects

Tue 19 Jul 2022


Before moving to the iManage Cloud, our customer was on the iManage on-premises environment for their DMS. During this time, they were using Milan for workspace management and provisioning.

As they moved to the iManage Cloud, they simultaneously decided to switch from Milan to CAM since, by 2023, the only tools iManage will support need to integrate with their Universal API. This was not the only reason. The customer already had workspaces with unique IDs created in iManage, and when they moved to the cloud, the project IDs would change.

With CAM, they could better address this challenge by linking all matters with the correct IDs created before moving to the cloud. This helped better manage workspaces and governance across content.

Due to such integration, the solution enabled a seamless switch, and the customer could still keep the same configurations.

Before moving to Milan and then CAM, our customer struggled with folder management. As a company with thousands of complex projects, their folder structure was no different.

“We have over 8,200 projects that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. So, for us, it was important to find a solution that would make our processing faster, easier, and more efficient.”

They are also a large company spread across different states, so user adoption was another issue, as different teams had different organizing preferences. That’s why standardizing the folder creation process and gaining templating capabilities were vital elements of the solution.

Because of all these challenges, the company was eager to find a solution that would provide them the granularity in folder and template management, easier data location, and robust security for their projects. It is why they deployed Milan and, later on, CAM.


CAM provided the standardization our customer needed for the iManage folder management, along with rich templating and governance across folders.

CAM is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the adoption and governance of collaboration systems. It enables organizations to provision, classify, protect, manage, and govern data across collaboration systems.

The company uses CAM’s folder structure capabilities to improve its efficiency. “Our IT team has enough on their plate, so taking some of that pressure off and giving our end-users flexibility in simple and complex folder creation with CAM was an effective way to continue our processes.” This improved productivity by enabling end-users to put a template together the moment a new project came in.

Since they have thousands of employees with different organizing preferences, it was important to have repeatable processes so that when new people join, they already have a template to start from.

“We have more than 8,200 projects, which means we have just as many templates. It just goes to show how much CAM has made our processes faster, easier, and practical.”

Our client also needed a strong governnace model for its hybrid and in-office workspaces.

“The self-service workspace creation coupled with the ability to secure these workspaces from top-down was the flexibility we needed, and CAM fully delivered on that.”

The ability to understand document context to locate content, was also a key component. This capability was offered in CAM through rich, custom metadata.

“Since in iManage you can only assign one metadata at a time, CAM gave us the multivalued metadata management our users needed to locate content quickly and not have to scroll through thousands of folders to find what they’re looking for.”


Shifting your environment from iManage on-premises to the Cloud does come with its own challenges. Our customer was already a loyal user of solutions. They first had Milan, and they quickly made the seamless switch to CAM to enhance their provisioning capabilities while in the cloud.

Before implementing solutions, our customer was facing several issues. Being a media and entertainment company has its perks, but provisioning and governance tend to be challenging when you have thousands of projects, employees, and several offices across multiple states.

With complex folder structures, inefficient workspace provisioning, lack of templating options, and minimal security across workspaces, our customer was seeking a solution that could address these issues and more.

That’s where CAM comes in. Our customer benefited from CAM’s capabilities with smooth user adoption, efficient content location, rich templating capabilities, and a strong governance layer for their complex workspaces.

As the company moves its collaboration to the cloud, it sees CAM as a critical component to an efficient and safe collaboration platform for its teams.

“We are strong believers that for companies with thousands of projects to be successful, you must be able to create a meaningful relationship between people and projects. It doesn’t often happen that a solution enables that. So now that we’ve seen what CAM is capable of doing, our long-term collaboration strategies are strongly tied to this solution.”

The workflow, the number of projects, and employees of the company are only expected to increase. And so will its complexity. CAM will be there to turn their complex workspace structures into seamless, smooth processes. The same way as it has done until now.

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