Deal Point Insights Powered by GenAI

Answer complex legal questions like "what's market" in seconds with the power of GenAI.

Turn Your Experience Into Client Value

Foundation Dragon gives firms the ability to show their experience in a quantifiable way to clients by unlocking vast firm experience that helps drive client value.

A Cost-Effective Deal Point Database

You no longer need a large staff and expertise to set up a deal point database, Foundation Dragon can be implemented at a fraction of the cost and time of manually creating one for your firm.

Negotiation Intelligence

Now you can have solid data for strategic negotiations with better outcomes for clients, including knowing what opposing counsel has started with and agreed to in the past. Your experience is turned into actionable data during negotiations to drive provable value.

Find Precedents Easily

Easily find deal precedents that compare to current deals to learn what’s market. New deals are instantly accessible in the system, so you have the most current deal data.

GenAI Applied to Knowledge Management

Competitive Edge with Actionable Knowledge

Filter through all of your firm’s transactions and deal points by industry, deal size, deal type, amongst many others, as well as matter information to give your data points context, to gain strategic knowledge and achieve better results for clients. 

Extract and Verify Deal Points in Minutes

What used to take an attorney 6-8 hours to enter and verify now takes minutes, thanks to Foundation Dragon. Extract and validate deal terms instantly, allowing your attorneys more time to do the high-value work that drives results.

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Resources for Foundation Dragon

Learn more about how Foundation Dragon can help your law firm manage data.

Foundation Dragon - Deal Point Insights Powered by GenAI

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