Objective Manager aligns planning, performance and engagement, giving purpose to every person, process and activity in your organization.


Create, assign and collaborate on strategic plans easily and transparently.


Gain all the tools needed to improve and effectively manage your performance process.


Foster a culture of collaboration with customizable surveys and recognition tools.

Objective Manager makes it easy to:

Align your strategy firm-wide through shared objectives and plans.

Improve engagement in the performance process.

Empower your people to take control of their own development.

Facilitate more conversations about individuals’ development.

Encourage a real-time feedback culture across your firm.

Understand where to focus your firm’s development efforts.

Enable your leadership and HR teams to achieve their goals

Turn your firm’s strategy into a working reality.


We make it easy to align your strategic goals directly with your performance process and create a high performance culture by ensuring your people are connected, motivated and productive. Create and share your firm, sector, practice and client plans across your business, allowing people to collaborate and share progress in real-time.

Empower your people to take control of their own development.

Human Resources

Objective Manager makes performance management an easier process that your people want to engage with. Our software has been designed by legal and professional services firms to fit this sector’s specific processes and facilitates more conversations about individuals’ development through regular check-ins.

Provide your people with purpose and clarity by easily aligning personal objectives to your strategic goals and enabling colleagues to collaborate on common objectives, turning performance management into an everyday habit.

Know what matters to your people with quick configurable survey tools and ensure they feel rewarded and recognized with our comprehensive collaboration tools and our reward currency - allowing peer-to-peer, real-time, 360° feedback.

What others say about Litera.

“Clear and transparent goal setting is one of the fastest routes to growth in professional services firms.”

Heidi K. Gardner, Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School

“The combination of appraisals and ability to communicate strategy was one of the key reasons we bought it.”

Ian Jeffery, CEO, Lewis Silkin

“The support we’ve had from the Objective Manager team has been really, really outstanding.”

Liz Cheaney, HR Director, Coffin Mew

“The Objective Manager system is so user-friendly and intuitive, user adoption has been phenomenal.”

Ramsey Mirza, HR Director, Foot Anstey

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