The Hybrid Desktop Client for Power Users of Collaboration Systems

Available for iManage Work 10 and Litera's CAM.

Tailored to Increase Productivity

PowerDesktop is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that handles data transfer challenges easily. It enables clients to efficiently import and export documents from workspaces and perform bulk operations. PowerDesktop is compatible with the iManage Universal API and is available in several modules: PowerDesktop Bulk Operations (Import and Export) and PowerDesktop .PST Export.

Instantly Tackle Your Power User Challenges

Reduce Costs and Time with Automated Processes for Bulk Manipulation

Increase Efficiency by Empowering Users with Different Levels of Technical Expertise

Improve Productivity for Risk, Records, and Document Processing Departments

Import Content Using the Import Wizard

  • Supports iManage Work 10.3+ and other upcoming systems
  • Import 10,000+ files, folder structures, and emails from a folder structure or CSV file into the DMS
  • Limit types of files that can be imported
  • Granular visibility for selecting import sources—down to the document level

Import Content Using CSV Import

  • Import content into workspaces via CSV file upload
  • Retain file versions of documents without changing dates
  • Quick detection of CSV file errors allowing you to correct them before upload
  • Flexibility to change time stamps for import

Import Multiple Batches of Documents

  • Initiate import of multiple batches of documents in the queue
  • Ability to run up to three import jobs simultaneously
  • Automatic start of the next import batch once the queue is free
  • Add and modify metadata for easy search
  • Import thousands of documents simultaneously
  • Truncation limits for solving
  • Windows file path name limitations

Search Use Logs with Ease

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Search for workspaces using workspace name, client, matter, and more
  • Search and filter jobs log by label or text and export results
  • Long file paths and nested folder structures and names

Handle Data Transfer Challenges with PowerDesktop Bulk Operations

  • Download and browse thousands of documents
  • View and access more than 10,000 documents in a folder
  • Rich search capabilities
  • Export documents, folders, and workspaces in bulk with features to handle special characters, long file paths, and more
  • Extract PST files and folder structures into the Windows file system

Hybrid Desktop Client Software Compatible with CAM

CAM is a SaaS platform for the adoption and governance of collaboration systems. It allows organizations to mitigate data chaos and reduce risks related to privacy and cybersecurity. Together with PowerDesktop, CAM ensures that professionals can scale bulk operations across multiple systems for data governance.

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