Litera Expands CRM Offering with Acquisition of Upper Sigma

Mon 24 Apr 2023

With this acquisition, Litera solidifies their commitment to provide fully integrated solutions to the legal profession in the Marketing and Business Development spaces.

CHICAGO, April 24 - Litera, the global leader in legal technology solutions, has announced the acquisition of Upper Sigma, the ultimate legal CRM, built on the largest, most widely used CRM platform in the world. This is an assertive expansion by Litera into the CRM space, complementing their existing robust legal marketing, business development, and firm intelligence technologies. Since bringing Upper Sigma into the Litera product family, several global 50 firms have already switched to Upper Sigma to more efficiently manage their client base and firm intelligence. 

Acquired by Litera in January 2023, Upper Sigma was founded in 2020 to make the world's leading CRM accessible, relevant, and affordable for law firms. Upper Sigma's deployment methodology has allowed firms to successfully implement the CRM quickly and at low risk. Unlike other business development technology available on the market today, this new integration offers a combination of best-in-class experience management via Litera Foundation with the most robust legal CRM on the market. This powerful pairing will provide seamless insight at the intersection of relationship intelligence and experience, allowing firms to respond to RFP’s and track client data, internal experience data, firm performance, and management all under one umbrella. 

"Using Upper Sigma, the firm is getting critical data into the CRM without attorneys having to learn a new platform,” said Drew Hawkins, Director of Digital Marketing at Womble Bond Dickinson. “The business development team has a much more refined database without unnecessary contacts being pulled in. As a result, we have more valuable information at our fingertips to qualify leads accurately.” 

The acquisition of Upper Sigma is a decisive move to rapidly expand Litera’s marketing and business development tech stack. “In today’s shifting economy, top-performing firms must prioritize business development and client engagement strategies,” said Litera CEO Sheryl D. Hoskins. “Law firms that embrace technology and data analytics are more likely to succeed in a competitive legal landscape. We believe Upper Sigma’s CRM will be a key tool in helping Litera’s customers grow their business.”

Upper Sigma provides a 360-degree view of a firm's clients, enables precise segmentation, and powers marketing and business development strategies automatically with minimal data entry, empowering firms to: 

Gain full insight into clients’ and lawyers’ relationships and activities. 

Minimize risk and uncertainty by leveraging a tool with a proven track record of successful implementations for large firms. 

Access enterprise level security, scalability, and pre-built integrations on the world’s best CRM. 

An AMLaw 50 digital marketing team was tasked with migrating a variety of systems away from the firm’s outdated CRM to grow new business in target markets. “We looked at the leading solutions in the market, in the end we chose Upper Sigma,” said their Senior Director. "It also integrates nicely with Tableau and Power BI. These dashboards bring various systems data points into a single view to inform how our senior lawyers interact with clients. The feedback has been outstanding and our lawyers love having all the data in one place. It’s helped improve client services because they know what work we’re doing across all practices and teams, it facilitates understanding clients' needs, and has improved our level of engagement. Upper Sigma gave us a head start because they had modules built specifically for legal. It also allowed us to have a trusted partner when we needed horsepower to get this transition done fast.”   

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