Fall is upon us—time for cooler temps, changing foliage, and the Q3 product release. This quarter, we’ve added several new functions and integrations, focusing on the theme of enhancing and enabling collaboration from anywhere, on any device. And as usual, we’ve made adjustments to all of our products, fixing bugs as we uncover them and responding to our customers’ requests for new or better functions.

This quarter’s highlights include:

  • We’re excited to announce that Litera Compare is now available as a web application. With the Litera Compare Office 365 app, you can quickly, accurately, and reliably compare documents directly from the ribbon of the Microsoft Office 365 app in your browser. The online version has the same great features you’re used to with Litera Compare—running comparisons between Word and PDF documents, displaying easy-to-understand redline versions, and allowing individual or batch rejection or acceptance of changes—but it’s available from any device, anywhere through a browser interface with no additional software installation. This makes the power of Litera Compare available to new audiences, including:
    • users on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and iPads;
    • Mac users who do not want to install virtual Windows software; and
    • employees whose companies block desktop software or who otherwise prefer to deploy Office 365 online.
  • We’ve also brought all of our collaboration tools together under one umbrella with Litera Collaborate, Version. Litera Collaborate combines secure file sharing through an Outlook plugin with the cleaning capabilities of Metadact and the comparison functions of Litera Compare. With Litera Collaborate, you can send documents securely from within Microsoft Outlook by uploading documents to a protected location and sending recipients links to access them. This means you can ensure security, control file access, and send files that exceed the Exchange Server size limit. Because Litera Collaborate is an on-premise installation, you can even avoid “silent subpoenas” directed to third-party cloud providers and maintain complete control over disclosure of your documents. Plus, with Litera Collaborate’s Metadact and Litera Compare integrations, you can clean documents of personally identifiable information or run complete document comparisons from the Litera Collaborate document view.

  • We’re continuing to make our tools available to more users, and Metadact, Version 5.5 is no exception. This quarter, we’ve integrated Metadact with DocsCorp’s cleanDocs, which uses machine learning algorithms to protect users from common data breach causes like misaddressed emails, sensitive document metadata, and incomplete redactions. Metadact is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access its cleaning functions from anywhere, including mobile devices. If you’ve used cleanDocs, don’t worry—Metadact will recognize and flag documents that have already been cleaned with cleanDocs, avoiding any unnecessary re-cleaning of documents.
  • If you practice in New York’s state courts, you’ll appreciate this one: we’ve updated Litera Check, Version 1.2 to add an integration with Docket Alarm. This extends Best Authority’s hyperlinking functionality to docket entries within the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System and simplifies compliance with Rule 6 of the Rules of Practice for the Commercial Division, which requires legal memoranda to include hyperlinks to any cited docket entries. Now, anyone with a Docket Alarm subscription can identify their case by index number, case name, or other identifying information and automatically hyperlink all of their document’s docket citations to the associated items in the New York State court records.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are! If you’d like to learn more about the updates we’ve applied specifically to your products or request a feature that you’d like to see in a future product release, please contact your Customer Success Manager or log into the Customer Center.

And of course, if you’d ever like to see a demo of any of our products—like the new Litera Collaborate—just get in touch.