Amplify Impact in Legal Drafting: Unveiling Litera Create-Content with Generative AI Capabilities

Fri 29 Sep 2023

Lawyers and legal professionals are always trying to efficiently find the best content and clauses for their documents, and this can be further complicated when this information is stored in disparate systems. Even with the help of traditional document assembly tools, lawyers must manually review and edit documents to ensure they meet firm and client standards, spending valuable time and effort.

The heart of the challenge lies in the fragmentation of data within law firms. Vital information is scattered across documents, timecards, emails, and even within the minds of lawyers themselves, making it inaccessible to others who may need it. Even when data is accessible, it often lacks context, making it a struggle to locate necessary details. In addition, data is typically siloed and not easily accessible within the tools lawyers use daily, such as Microsoft Word or on mobile devices.

As a result, lawyers and legal professionals lack an effective and accurate process to surface firm knowledge and content, opting to use content from previous documents. This inability to find "the best content" for documents means that documents may contain outdated content or irrelevant clauses that put into question the firm's reputation and its commitment to delivering excellent work product.

At Litera, we're committed to developing solutions that complement and enhance the capabilities of legal professionals, empowering them to deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients and amplify their impact. That's why Litera has embarked on a mission to unlock your firm's wisdom by enabling lawyers to surface the best content using natural language queries, without leaving Microsoft Word. We do this through Litera Create-Content.

Litera Create-Content is a document creation tool that enables legal professionals to easily populate documents with the best and most relevant content, reducing the time it takes to create a first draft and mitigating the risk of mistakes in documents.

Below, we'll delve deeper into our new Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities for Litera Create-Content.

Enhancements to Litera Create-Content

Work for lawyers, legal professionals, and knowledge managers just got easier, more accurate, and less time consuming. The enhanced Litera Create-content surfaces your collective firm knowledge within Microsoft Word to empower legal professionals to find the best clauses, definitions, and contract information for their documents in minutes. These enhancements benefit your firm through:

  • The enhanced ability to maintain firm and client standards by delivering accurate documents with the most up-to-date content
  • Time savings for legal professionals who instead of scouring firm systems for the latest content, can quickly populate their documents with content and focus on higher-value tasks
  • Upleveling your junior lawyers who will be empowered to provide excellent client service with the right content and data at their fingertips

Some of the key features of the GenAI-enhanced Litera Create-Content are:

  • Natural Language Queries: Utilize your firm's collective wisdom by quickly querying for the most suitable contracts, clauses, and definitions in your documents across content repositories, including Document Management Systems (DMS) and Foundation.
  • Frequency Scores: Get a sense of what content to use based on frequency scores, helping you identify commonly used clauses and definitions across your firm.
  • Semantic and Syntactic Comparison: Dive into the nuances of legal language with semantic and syntactic content comparison, ensuring that your document is precise and legally sound.
  • Automatic Summarization: Quickly understand complex clauses with automatic summarization, saving you time and simplifying your review process.
  • AI-Powered Q&A Functionality: Gain useful insights about your matters and deals with AI-Powered Q&A functionality built directly into Microsoft Word.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Word: The enhanced Litera Create-Content sits within Microsoft Word, putting your firm's collective knowledge at your fingertips. Legal professionals can effortlessly find the best clauses, definitions, and contract information without leaving their preferred word processing environment.

Ready to learn more? Watch our on-demand webinar to see Litera Create-Content in action and learn how Litera can help you amplify impact by empowering lawyers and legal professionals to find the best content for their documents in minutes.

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