Beyond the Desktop: A New Era For Litera’s Drafting Suite

In the fast-paced world of legal document drafting, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Legal professionals often find themselves grappling with challenges associated with frequent application switches, averaging around 1,200 times per day or four hours per week. Recognizing these hurdles, Litera has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the document drafting landscape to streamline workflows, with a commitment to amplifying the impact of technology across various workflows and departments within law firms.

At the core of Litera's approach lies a dedication to empowering legal professionals. With products like Litera Desktop, lawyers can now draft documents 85% faster. This not only expedites the drafting process but also enhances document quality, accuracy, and risk mitigation.

Our Alignment with Microsoft

Given Microsoft Copilot is a generalist assistant, it can complement our document drafting suite, Litera Desktop, which streamlines the drafting lifecycle, enabling lawyers to focus on higher-value work while ensuring document quality, accuracy, and risk mitigation.

In a strategic move, Litera is aligning with Microsoft within the Copilot Developer Program. This collaboration aims to ensure a seamless integration between Microsoft, Copilot, and Litera tools, enhancing the overall value for the legal industry. By aligning with Microsoft, Litera is at the forefront of adapting its technology to meet the evolving needs of legal professionals.

Meet Litera Draft

In response to changes in Microsoft's technology and partnership models, Litera Desktop is undergoing a strategic rebranding as Litera Draft. Litera Draft will have all the features and benefits you know and love with Litera Desktop, but will be comprised of web applications, reimagined workflows, and an enhanced user experience and interface.

The Future of Litera Drafting

As the legal tech landscape undergoes a profound transformation, Litera embarks on a rebranding and reimagination exercise for its drafting suite. The development of Litera Add-In marks the initiation of this transformative journey. This modern, web-enabled Office Add-In promises a unified interface powering Litera applications, providing curated experiences across Drafting, Workflow, and Firm Performance tools with improved performance and stability.

To achieve this vision, Litera is initially transforming its drafting applications into web-based tools, seamlessly integrated into the Litera Add-In. The new Litera Drafting applications boast:

  • A modern and intuitive user experience with reimagined workflows.
  • Accessibility across devices, allowing users to create, proofread, compare, clean, and publish documents from anywhere.
  • Improved performance and experience across Word and Outlook, ensuring faster loading times.
  • Compatibility with new Outlook and other emerging Microsoft applications.
  • Reduced IT reliance for deployment through fewer installers, separate icons, and ribbons.
  • Less IT time on maintenance with automatic updates available instantly.

The legal drafting landscape is undergoing a transformative shift from traditional desktop tools to web-enabled, AI-driven solutions. The collaboration with Microsoft, coupled with the rebranding and evolution of Litera's drafting suite, exemplifies a commitment to empowering legal professionals to work efficiently, innovate, and exceed client expectations in this new era of legal drafting tools.

Curious to explore more? Download our eBook “Beyond the Desktop: A New Era in Legal Drafting Tools” to gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft's transformative changes, how Copilot is shaping the future of legal drafting, and how Litera can help. Then, watch our full on-demand webinar to hear from Litera experts about implementing Copilot and Litera’s next generation of drafting tools.

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