How Reed Smith Modernized their Law Firm with Upper Sigma CRM

Thu 31 Aug 2023

Reed Smith is a Global Top 50 law firm with 31 offices worldwide. As a results-driven firm, they're focused on collaboration and linking employees together with more than just technology.

The Problem: 

Before migrating to Upper Sigma, Reed Smith had spent a large portion of time and resources customizing a CRM platform to fit their specific needs. When they learned this product had reached its end-of-life, they were referred to a new product that did not meet their requirements. Reed Smith then opted to dive into the market and look for new prospective vendors.

The Solution: 

Reed Smith was introduced to Upper Sigma—a legal-specific CRM built on the Salesforce platform.

Upper Sigma provides a 360-degree view of a firm's clients and relationships. It's easily accessible via Outlook, Teams, and mobile, requires almost no data entry, and has the flexibility to fit a firm's needs and their way of working. These capabilities, straight out of the box, were able to meet Reed Smith's needs, empowering them to:

  • Gain full insight into their clients' and lawyers' relationships and activities
  • Minimize risk and uncertainty, as Upper Sigma has a proven track record of successful implementations for large firms with no CRM downtime
  • Access enterprise level security, scalability, and pre-built integrations by taking advantage of Salesforce, the world's number one CRM

In addition to Upper Sigma, Reed Smith also implemented Litera Foundation. By combining these two products, Reed Smith receives access to the best-in-class experience management platform (Litera Foundation) and the most robust legal CRM on the market, whilst also benefitting from the advantages of a single vendor. This powerful pairing will provide seamless insight at the intersection of relationship intelligence and experience, allowing them to respond to RFPs and track client data, internal experience data, firm performance, and management all under one umbrella.

"Upper Sigma is a phenomenal organization and without them, our project would not have gone half as smoothly as it has. The knowledge they brought of both Salesforce and Foundation really helped us," says Sadie Baron, CMO of Reed Smith.

With a fast-approaching deadline to move off their current CRM platform, the Upper Sigma team quickly sprang into action, meeting daily with the Reed Smith team to ensure that their deadline was met. Because of their industry expertise, the Upper Sigma team was able to provide Reed Smith with efficient and thorough service. "What you're getting is deep industry knowledge of both technology and how law firms work and a massively professional firm that just really delivers," says Baron.

The Results:

As promised, Upper Sigma was able to meet the deadline and migrate Reed Smith over to their CRM platform in just five months. "I genuinely don't think we'd have been able to deliver the project on time if we hadn't had Upper Sigma knowing both products [Upper Sigma and Foundation] so well and being able to bridge that gap," says Baron. " I think that the value add goes way beyond being an implementation partner. They're also helping you identify, navigate, and solve problems as well."

Now, with Upper Sigma, Reed Smith can optimize their Business Development activities with best-in-class:

  • Client relationship management
  • Event and list management
  • Referrals management
  • Whitespace analysis
  • Client planning
  • Reporting and dashboards

Jennifer Schreck, Reed Smith's Director of Client Intelligence, has been satisfied with Upper Sigma's work so far, and looks forward to continuing that relationship. "We were pleased with Upper Sigma during the implementation and we're very happy to be continuing to work with Upper Sigma. They worked very hard on the rollout, and they know what they're doing."

"Upper Sigma is just an amazing and talented organization. They understand what you're trying to achieve and then gets it done without a fuss." - Sadie Baron, CMO


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