Litera Drafting Q1 2024 Release: Seamless Collaboration and Security

This quarter, Litera Drafting has rolled out a series of enhancements aimed at streamlining collaboration, boosting security, and integrating seamlessly with existing systems. Let's dive into some of the key updates across various products within the suite.

Watch our release video to learn more and register for our upcoming webinar where we’re showcasing our innovation across Drafting and Governance tools.

Litera Create

  • Seamless Data Application and Navigation: No more jumping between multiple Word documents! Now, users can generate documents from multiple templates or packets while simultaneously applying saved or external data. This streamlines the document creation process, reducing clicks and enhancing efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security for People Updater (PUP): With an updated middleware component, users can now enjoy a more secure connection between their SQL people source database and Litera Create. This ensures peace of mind when handling sensitive data.
  • Detailed Audit Records: Firm administrators can now generate audit records for the last 90 days of activity, providing full visibility into user actions for compliance and security purposes.
  • Effortless Workflow for Third-Party Designers: Say goodbye to manual back-and-forth! The introduction of External Template Designers Direct Access role allows external design professionals to customize templates seamlessly while maintaining security.

Litera Check

  • Seamless Recognition of Court Documents: Contract Companion and Litigation Companion now recognize references to court documents, making it easier for users to identify external content and build Table of Authorities (TOAs).

Litera Numbering

  • Improved Performance: Loading times for Litera Numbering ribbon and actions have seen a significant 90% improvement, enabling users to deliver properly numbered documents in less time.

Litera Compare

  • Focused Document Changes: Users can now filter comment changes in Litera Compare for MS Word and PowerPoint, allowing them to address urgent changes more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Document Comparison Success: Litera Compare now automatically corrects corrupted files in the background, resulting in a higher success rate for comparisons without manual intervention.


  • Efficient NetDocuments Integration: NetDocuments integration has been migrated to a Windows Server, simplifying operations and ensuring increased system compatibility.
  • Improved Security in Attachment Manager: Users can now apply a master password to a group of attachments, reducing clicks and enhancing user experience.

Litera SecureShare

  • Secure File Requests: Users can now request files securely via the web app and Outlook Add-in, improving collaboration and saving time.


  • Seamless Integration with iManage: pdfDocs now seamlessly integrates with iManage, allowing users to access pdfDocs functionality directly within the popular DMS.
  • Availability in NetDocuments Canada: NetDocuments users in Canada can now enjoy pdfDocs functionality, making PDF editing and document creation a breeze.

For more detailed information on these updates and to access enhancements, visit the Litera Customer Center, register for upcoming training sessions at Litera University, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager or support team.



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