Litera eBook: A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to the iManage Legacy Solutions End-of-Life Transition

Wed 21 Sep 2022

Organizations using legacy versions of iManage’s classic clients and add-ons will soon need to transition their firms to iManage’s Work 10 on-premises desktop solution or iManage Cloud. Support for the legacy products will end on December 29, 2023.

Many Litera customers will have to make this transition, so we have created a thorough guide to the change, and the decisions firms will face along the way. The eBook, Let Us Guide You Through iManage Legacy Solutions EOL, will help your organization understand the ins and outs of the iManage EOL process; what they will need to do to prepare, and how to execute a seamless transition into the iManage Cloud or Work 10 on-premises.

The eBook outlines the planning necessary before the transition, decisions about the future desktop environment, the time it will take, and critical sources of support during the migration. Some of those steps and decision points include:

  • Staying on-premises vs. moving to the cloud
  • “Doing the Work” of preparing for the transition, including cleansing data and verifying the impact of the change on third-party apps
  • Preparing the infrastructure for the move
  • Upgrading current desktops/Citrix Images
  • Testing and end-user training
  • Executing the migration
  • Supporting the organization through the execution phase

How CAM Can Help

Firms that make this transition must continue governing and provisioning their data. Prosperoware’s CAM, now part of the Litera family, is a Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS) that acts as the “missing layer” of governance and provisioning to ensure secure and orderly workspaces.

CAM helps with the adoption and governance of multiple collaboration systems and is Universal API compliant, meaning it can fully integrate with iManage Work 10 and iManage Cloud. It allows organizations to provision, classify, protect, move, and govern data - mitigating data chaos and reducing risks related to privacy and cybersecurity.

This thorough guide to the iManage legacy EOL transition is available for download.

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