Metadata Management on the Move: 5 Benefits of the Litera and ZERO Systems Partnership

Wed 20 Sep 2023

Today, legal professionals require technology that offers greater flexibility, security, and efficiency. Litera has joined forces with ZERO Systems, a generative AI (genAI) company for the enterprise, to provide law firms with an innovative mobile metadata management solution. By combining the power of Litera's Metadact Server and ZERO Systems' mobile metadata manager, legal professionals can now clean metadata and ensure data loss prevention in iOS mobile devices through Metadact iOS. .

This partnership represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the capabilities of legal technology, ensuring that lawyers can efficiently manage metadata even while working on their iOS mobile devices. Below, are five key advantages of mobile metadata management, provided by this powerful collaboration.

  1. Mobile Metadata Management on the Go
    The first and most prominent benefit of mobile metadata management is the ability to manage and clean metadata seamlessly while on the move. Thanks to Litera's Metadact Server and ZERO Systems' partnership, legal professionals can now enjoy the same level of flexibility and security in their metadata redaction and cleaning capabilities on iOS mobile devices that was previously exclusive to desktop and web app users. This newfound mobility empowers lawyers to clean documents of risky metadata from anywhere, without compromising security.
  2. Enhanced Data Loss Prevention
    Data loss prevention is paramount in the legal industry. The partnership between ZERO Systems and Litera ensures that sensitive metadata is automatically removed from emails and attachments, mitigating the risk of data breaches. Legal professionals can rest assured that their clients' confidential information remains protected, both on desktop and mobile devices.
  3. Streamlined Collaboration
    Efficient collaboration is vital for law firms, and this partnership streamlines the process. Legal professionals using iOS mobile devices can now quickly clean metadata from documents and easily share it with internal or external stakeholders, with full confidence that sensitive metadata will not be shared. This facilitates smoother collaboration, enabling lawyers to work together seamlessly, regardless of their location or device.
  4. Total Control Over Data
    Having control over your organization's data is crucial to ensuring data loss prevention. Metadact iOS provides administrators with total control over their organization's data by allowing them to customize metadata cleaning settings and receive in-depth insights. This control empowers them to set policies based on the organization's risk stance and quickly react to any potential email security threats.
  5. Advanced Email Features
    The collaboration doesn't stop at metadata management. Metadact iOS includes a range of advanced features designed to boost productivity and security. From wrong recipient detection to automated signature creation, legal professionals can streamline their email workflows. Additionally, this solution supports protection policies through integration with industry-leading security platforms like Intune, MobileIron, WorkspaceOne, and Citrix, fortifying data protection efforts.

How Does Metadact iOS Work?
Metadact iOS brings together the power of Litera's Metadact Server and ZERO System's mobile metadata manager. Customers must have Metadact Server in order to enjoy the benefits of Metadact iOS and empower lawyers to work securely from iOS devices.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn more about Metadact iOS. If you don't have Metadact Server yet, contact us today to see it in action. If you're already a Metadact Server customer, start reaping the benefits of metadata cleaning in iOS devices by scheduling a demo now.

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