New in cleanDocs: iManage Work 10 integration and User Action Logging for Better Business Reporting

Wed 23 May 2018

The cleanDocs product team has been hard at work for months transforming how cleanDocs protects users. The transformation continues with the latest update (2.1 U2). iManage Work 10 integration, User Action Logging, RTF cleaning, enhanced PDF cleaning, and a new eLearning module are here.

Metadata management in iManage Work 10

Users of iManage Work 10 Professional can now right-click to clean metadata from documents directly in the web browser. This update means less toggling between Work 10 in the browser and FileSite or DeskSite on the desktop.

User Action Logging

IT administrators can’t watch over everyone’s shoulders to see if staff are using cleanDocs to prevent email data breaches as intended. So, cleanDocs 2.1 U2 offers a better way for administrators to see if people in the business are always skipping the cleaning of attachments. The special CSV log lists actions users take in Outlook and makes it easy for administrators to pinpoint anomalies in metadata cleaning business-wide.

Enhanced metadata cleaning across file types

This latest version of cleanDocs offers metadata management for Rich Text Format (RTF) files for the first time. These text file formats are used by Microsoft Word and Office for cross-platform document interchange.

Enhanced PDF cleaning comes in the removal of annotations and comments, attachments, and bookmarks from PDF files.

New cleanDocs eLearning

cleanDocs eLearning by Capensys is a series of lessons designed to help users get the most from the product as quickly as possible. eLearning includes lessons on: Overview of cleanDocs, Invoking cleanDocs, Cleaning and Sending External Email Messages, Cleaning a Document, Analyzing a Document, and Managing Password Protection.



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