Our Commitment to Social Good: Litera Partners with The Blind People's Association to Amplify Impact in India

Fri 21 Jun 2024

At Litera, we believe in the value and responsibility of amplifying impact in our communities. As part of our Social Good Strategy, DEI@Litera invited employees across locations to participate in the invitation to Amplify the Good with the offering of volunteer hours in recognition of World Volunteer Day. With the leadership of Amit Monga (Managing Director of Litera India), the team in India embarked on a partnership with the Blind People's Association in Ahmedabad, India. 

Our partnership focused on two significant initiatives aimed at supporting a local eye hospital. The first was an effort to restore vision to those in need. With the tireless dedication of the volunteers at the Blind People's Association, Litera sponsored cataract surgeries for 100 individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. 

These surgeries were not just medical procedures; they were life-changing interventions. Many of the recipients had been struggling to support their families due to their impaired vision. Now, with their sight restored, they can return to work, regain their independence, and continue to provide for their families. 

The second initiative involved enhancing the hospital's capacity to deliver safe and effective medical care. Recognizing the critical need for proper sterilization in surgical settings, Litera provided the hospital with an Autoclave System Cylinder. This advanced equipment ensures that medical instruments are thoroughly sterilized, significantly reducing the risk of infections and enhancing the overall safety of surgical procedures. The introduction of the Autoclave System has not only improved the hygiene standards at the hospital but has also boosted the efficiency and morale of the medical staff, enabling them to deliver higher-quality care to their patients. 

As Amit Monga, who led this initiative reflected, "Our collaboration with the Blind People's Association has been a powerful reminder of how collective efforts can drive meaningful progress. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute and look forward to continuing our support in the future." 

Adding to that, Michelle Meurer, Chief People Officer at Litera, stated "At Litera, part of our core values are to Share our Superpowers and Make the Day.  Those values extend to both our clients and the communities in which we live and work.  Our ability to provide life-changing medical treatment for those who are in need of care is part of our ability to #AmplifyImpact and give back to our communities and I’m so excited that Litera can be an instrumental part of this charitable contribution." 

Through these efforts, Litera, in partnership with the Blind People's Association, has demonstrated how we can #AmplifyImpact by working together and this initiative stands as a testament to the difference we can make when we unite our strengths and resources for the betterment of society. 



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