Litera Drafting Q1 2023 Release: Mitigating Human Risk and Meeting Lawyers Where They Work

Fri 14 Apr 2023

In Q1 2023, our team made exciting updates to the Litera Drafting suite to enhance risk mitigation and empower lawyers to work seamlessly wherever they are. Read below for our key updates and watch the release video to learn more. 

Litera Create

Litera Create is a document assembly and content library solution that allows you to create documents 85% faster. 

Enhanced Recommendations Search

Legal professionals spend too much time trying to find the right clauses to insert in documents. With enhancements to the Litera Recommendations Service (add-on to Litera Create), you can now search the entire Litera Recommendations database to find the content you need.

  • Search using key terms to find clauses, definitions, and other document components
  • No need to select text from an active document to find similar clauses
  • Start searching from an active draft or blank document
  • View source documents of the search results, preview clause language, and easily filter results to find the content you need – without ever leaving your Microsoft Word document.

Create Templates Faster with Copy Styles Capabilities

Legal professionals often have specific house styles they need to use when drafting documents. Our new copy styles feature enables template creators to quickly apply house styles in any document template, helping you create templates faster and easier.

  • Import and copy styles in document templates from one or multiple source documents.
  • Apply house or client styles in document templates
  • Empower legal professionals to start a new document with readily-available styled templates

Track Adoption with In-App Usage Reporting

Ensuring adoption after deployment is crucial. Administrators need to know which templates and content pieces are being used and who is using them. In-app reporting allows them to quickly generate reports on usage metrics and filter to get the metrics they need to drive usage and adoption.

  • Easily create reports for templates, content or both in the Create Web Platform (CWP) Administrator web application.
  • Refine results with filters such as template/content name, folder location, username or date.
  • Export the report to use and analyze outside of the Create Web Platform (CWP) application.

Contract Companion

Contract Companion (part of Litera Check) is our AI-powered document proofreading solution helping you detect and fix common document issues so you can mitigate the risk of errors and deliver perfect documents. 

Addition of Canadian Terms

Need to proofread a document for a Canadian client? Contract Companion can now help you detect more document issues related to Canadian terms, so you can deliver a document free of mistakes and issues.

  • New Canadian terms – agencies, towns, cities, etc. – added to the Contract Companion library.
  • Analyze your document with one click to find issues related to Canadian terms.

Litera Compare

Litera Compare is our best-in-class document comparison solution that allows you to capture all changes and see how your document evolves in easy-to-read redlines. 

New Selective Compare Feature

When you’re comparing documents – especially lengthy and complex content - sometimes you want to see the changes in one specific section only, instead of the whole document. With the Selective Compare feature, you can now compare two pieces of content within a larger document and instantly see the differences. 

  • Access the Selective Compare feature from within Outlook or Word
  • Easily drag and drop modified and original pieces of content to instantly see a redline
  • Use Selective Compare for text paragraphs, tables, images, and other content


Metadact is our metadata cleaning solution that helps you clean documents of leftover metadata, track changes, comments, etc., making it easy to deliver professional documents without the risk of sharing sensitive information.

ALL NEW: Metadact App for Microsoft 365

Our new Metadact for Microsoft 365 app (add-on to Metadact Server) allows you to clean metadata in Outlook Web Access, and Outlook for Mac.

  • Clean metadata from an email attachment in a browser or Mac
  • Automatically clean attachments upon sending an email
  • Admins configure the app via Metadact Server and allow the use of existing cleaning profiles
  • Admins can track usage and create reports through Azure AppInsights

Secure Email Recipient Confirmations

A widely used feature in cleanDocs, Metadact now has an additional layer of security with email recipient confirmations. Before sending an email attachment, users will be prompted to confirm recipients, enabling them to:

  • Quickly catch high-risk email addresses or unintended recipients
  • Actively safeguard sensitive information from being shared externally with minimal IT reliance
  • Prevent accidental data leaks that result from sending documents to the wrong recipients 

To learn more about our Drafting suite and how it can help you mitigate human risk and enhance productivity, check out our eBook here or schedule a meeting with one of our experts.

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