Three Ways to Boost your CLE Programs

Mon 20 Feb 2023

Litera Micron Systems shares a few recommendations for boosting your firm’s CLE programs with our latest CE Manager integration with BeaconLive.

The preview video showcases how the accurate CE Manager’s CLE tracking and its LMS capabilities combine with BeaconLive’s full-featured event management and continuing education delivery platform to help you make the most of your firm’s CLE programs.

Professional Development departments at law firms are constantly working to enhance their CLE offerings. An essential part of thoroughly preparing lawyers with the information they need to succeed, and a cornerstone of a successful firm, is finding ways to train lawyers with great content and keep them engaged. In the wake of the pandemic, many firms have opted to continue their distance learning plans.

According to the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2021 Technology Survey, which surveyed 460 law firms, “working from home (WFH) has accelerated digitization, adoption, and changed how business itself has been done.” Additionally, web conference tools and e-learning continue to grow in popularity, making it the perfect time to adopt integrated applications like BeaconLive and CE Manager. With all this in mind, our industry experts have shared three ways to significantly boost your firm’s CLE programs.

Utilize a virtual event platform to deliver programming.

BeaconLive’s platform specializes in helping law firms put together virtual CLE and hybrid (part live, part distance) events. This includes white labeling and customization to highlight your firm’s branding and advanced networking capabilities for increased interaction and connectivity.

Take full advantage of automation using CE Manager’s integration with BeaconLive.

The programs you enter into BeaconLive are automatically populated in CE Manager – along with all relevant course and credit details. As attendees validate themselves during your CLE event hosted in BeaconLive, their attendance is marked in CE Manager. The attorney’s CLE Report in CE Manager is updated with this program, and their CLE certificate is populated in their transcript. With CE Manager’s accurate and up-to-date CLE rules engine, attorneys can be confident that their CLE compliance is intact.

Service your attorneys with an exceptional, virtual CLE learning culture, and then expand this culture to your external clients.

The BeaconLive team will build customized CLE libraries for your internal and external clients, and CE Manager will automatically deliver CLE certificates. Your business development can continue to expand as you propagate your firm’s content and legal prowess.

The ILTA survey addressed how Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) must continue to find effective ways to provide prospective clients with pertinent information about the firm’s work. This point is echoed in Micron Systems’ feedback from business development administrators who use CE Manager’s CLE features to service their clients. By involving your clients in your learning culture with integrated applications like CE Manager and BeaconLive, you will undoubtedly advance your firm in the coming year!

Learn More About the CE Manager/BeaconLive Integration

The CE Manager BeaconLive integration was officially announced in October 2021.

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