What’s New in Kira: Suggested Groups

Mon 27 Feb 2023

New year, new deals! In spite of signs pointing to notedly more cautious and uncertain sentiment in 2023, your firm remains busy with some private equity clients looking to deploy funds, as well as distressed M&A deals. Diligence has started on the latest deal you’re working on, and as commonly happens, the target company’s virtual data room is . . . well, a mess that’s reminiscent of all those times you had to review unsorted hard-copy diligence documents in boxes at the offices of the firm representing the seller.

Junior associates working on the deal have alerted you to the multitude of amendments to commercial contracts and leases that were uploaded to the data room, but without any indication of which original agreements they correspond to. On top of that, the timeline is fast-paced (of course), and the client is looking to complete due diligence quickly. However, they still would like a comprehensive review to be done before presenting them with key findings and any key issues.

New Suggested Groups Feature

Balancing speed with accuracy and thoroughness may seem impossible, but now Kira has made that feat a little easier. Kira’s new Suggested Groups feature further extends Kira’s intelligent machine learning capabilities to automatically find and group a broad variety of contracts with their amendments. This is an enhancement to the manual document grouping feature in Kira (which you used on your last deal to sort leases and amendments), and expands the functionality of our document grouping solution.

End result? Having the ability to quickly connect related documents in a structured group means you can discover, organize, and review documents in Kira more efficiently than ever, leaving more time to consider and analyze the legal issues that may impact your transaction.

Kira’s Suggested Groups is trained to recognize agreements and their amendments across a wide range of documents, including commercial contracts, M&A purchase agreements, leases, and more. Kira scans your documents for related text passages and suggests creating new document groups or adding documents to existing document groups. In addition, you can also easily create and edit your own groups, directly from the Document List, so related documents can be reviewed in a specific order.

Using Suggested Groups along with our manual document grouping feature, here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • create groups of related documents through the Document List – by accepting Kira's suggestions, or manually;
  • export a group or groups of documents to Excel;
  • organize a group of documents as a hierarchy; and
  • assign an entire group of documents for review.

Should you have any questions regarding our new Suggested Groups feature, please reach out to our Customer Success team, or email our 24/7 support team at, where they will be more than willing to answer any questions or provide additional guidance.

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