What’s New in Transact: Signature Templates

Congratulations, the latest deal you’re working on is about to sign! Due diligence has been completed, and the parties have hashed out and signed off on all of the agreements, ancillary documents, and disclosure schedules. Now, it’s time to create PDF versions of all relevant signature pages, distribute them to the right people, collect the signed pages, and collate them with the applicable agreements to finalize your execution versions. Some individuals will sign their pages electronically, while others prefer signing in “wet ink”. It can be a daunting task—but what if you could ensure consistency across your signature blocks and pages, and make sure the right signed pages go with the right agreements, quickly and correctly?

We are excited to share our transaction management software Litera Transact's new Signature Templates feature, which gives you complete control to create, configure, and save signature pages and block designs as custom templates that can then be easily applied to future documents or deals. These templates can be saved for individual use or for use by the entire firm, ensuring consistency across all applicable documents.

Hovering over a template provides a useful preview, and users can then click to apply a template to the current document.

Signature Block Design

With Transact’s latest release, we’ve also updated the signature block design feature so you can now control the appearance and display of all block fields. This makes it even easier to create signature pages that conform to the style of your preference.

Signature fields have toggles that enable users to decide which details to include, and if provided in the platform, this information will populate automatically into the signature block. Additionally, users can customize the labels of each field to align with their organization’s style and local language and phrasing, and modify the appearance of each field as needed.

Litera Transact’s new signature block and template updates will save corporate lawyers time spent on administrative tasks and ensure consistency across all relevant documents, making the process of creating signature blocks and pages even smoother and more efficient. That leaves more time to devote to legal analysis and developing strategies for your clients, leading to better outcomes.

Try Litera Transact today and see how it can streamline your deal workflows.

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