New in pdfDocs 4.5 U3: iManage Work 10 integration

Sun 27 May 2018

With this latest update to pdfDocs comes an important milestone for our iManage Work 10 product development. All three of our desktop solutions – compareDocs, cleanDocs, and pdfDocs – now integrate with iManage Work 10 in the browser. For pdfDocs and iManage Work 10 users, this means popular pdfDocs right-click workflows from FileSite/DeskSite are now available in the iManage Work 10 browser.

A quick summary of the new integration

pdfDocs is now one of only two PDF products that support the iManage Work 10 interface. pdfDocs 4.5 U3 supports the editing, opening, and saving of PDF documents from within iManage Work 10 in the browser. Expect even faster and more efficient document workflows.


Also new in pdfDocs 4.5 U3: AD FS – SAML support

pdfDocs now supports Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services – Security Assertion Markup Language (AD FS – SAML) in iManage Work environments. Users can expect even smoother authentication as a result.

To take advantage of the latest product features, go to the Resource Portal and upgrade to the newest version of pdfDocs. Or, find out more about our PDF creation, editing, and bundling tools.


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