Am Law 100 Firm Finds Competitive Advantage and Streamlines Workflows with Litera Desktop

Fri 01 Sep 2023


As a business successfully grows, new operational challenges are expected to emerge. For a global enterprise, this could mean implementing specific, regional procedures and resources, all while providing a seamless client experience. This Am Law 100 firm identified with those common growth challenges.

With over 40 offices, the firm’s lawyers had access to resources for drafting and managing documents based on their unique regional or personal preferences and requirements. While beneficial for some, the number of options available made it difficult to scale adoption and unintentionally created inconsistent workflows across practices.

At the same time, the firm’s clients have high expectations, and the firm has an obligation to go beyond them. The firm’s Director of Business Transformation said, “Clients want to know we’re implementing the technology that will allow us to work smarter and faster for them. There is a certain pressure to prove we are collaborating internally and innovating to increase operational efficiency.”

“We were looking for more than a vendor with robust and diverse experience, but a trusted partner that makes their products, our practice of law, and the industry better. That trusted partner is Litera.” She elaborates, “Throughout our history, they’ve proven to be a partner that openly collaborates with new technologies and showcases how law firms can stay ahead.”



The Am Law 100 firm turned to Litera for its Litera Desktop solution. The legal industry’s
single-point solution, Litera Desktop creates operational efficiencies for IT departments
and streamlines the lawyer’s workflow. It brings all elements of the document drafting
lifecycle together in a single, integrated ribbon, available directly within Microsoft Word. For this firm specifically, it also means introducing a few technologies that will further simplify their daily work lives. For example, Litera Create is a new addition that lawyers are excited about, as it empowers them to build and access their own content library directly within Word, rather than having to collect, save, and try to find content in personal folders or emails.

The firm’s Director of Business Transformation states, “We believe Litera Desktop will be the differentiator by giving us the competitive edge to increase efficiency and to better deliver client needs.” Additionally, she says, “The move from five separate vendors with a wide array of tools to just one will not only reduce the time it takes to produce our documents in the first place, but also increase adoption of the existing toolset across all our offices. They can now live where all our people work, and changes are introduced to every machine across the globe simultaneously.”



Litera Desktop benefits everyone. For lawyers, not only is it faster for them to clean, check, and
compare their documents, but they also do not have to waste time navigating from platform to
platform, as all the resources they need to complete these tasks are now located in the same tab.

Partners can spend significantly less time quality-checking the work produced by their teams and be confident it is of the highest quality. Both partners and attorneys can therefore spend more time on higher-value activities, such as developing client relationships and strategy, and less time proofreading and formatting documents.

With fewer supplier relationships, IT managers save time with procurement and updates, and are
relieved to have one point of contact when Litera support is needed. To maintain security and
compliance, the firm’s IT department issues frequent, ongoing enhancements, a process which
benefits from working with a single supplier on a quarterly release schedule.


“Even the business development and global shared business services teams also see the benefit of smoother processes,” says the firm’s Director of Business Transformation. “Litera Desktop is truly a solution for the whole enterprise, helping all parts operate and scale more efficiently.”

“Litera goes above and beyond,” she explains. “There’s an openness to listening to the customer, accepting and implementing product feedback, and continuing to build improvements around requests. We are impressed by the level of service, support, and collaboration we receive, and we know we have the people behind the software ready to support us.”

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