AmLaw 200 Firm Modernizes Document Comparison by Moving from compareDocs to Litera Compare

Thu 12 Oct 2023

The Problem

A well-respected NLJ 500 law firm had been using compareDocs, originally a DocsCorp tool, for their document comparisons. After learning that Litera is ending support for compareDocs, they decided to transition to Litera's modern, go-forward document comparison tool, Litera Compare.

The Solution

Having been long-time customers of Litera's products, including Litera Desktop, Kira, and contentCrawler, the firm was already familiar with Litera's offerings and found their suite of products to be the best fit for their needs. The decision to choose Litera Compare was driven by their appreciation for the product mix and the confidence that Litera's suite would not only meet their requirements, but scale with their future needs.

Litera Compare accurately detects changes across any two documents in seconds. This market-leading document comparison solution, used by 99% of the AmLaw 100, integrates into your working life, whether you're working from a desktop, the cloud, or on the go, so you never miss a beat. Litera Compare also sits within Litera Desktop, so it was a natural next step for the firm.

"It was a huge part of our decision, knowing we'd have ONE ribbon for everything right in Microsoft Word," said the firm's IT Training Manager. "There's something about the way Litera does these integrations that was so appealing. Knowing we could consolidate and have one vendor for everything was amazing, and we were so excited."

Litera Compare is a more modern product to compareDocs for several reasons:

  • Optimized Performance: The product has undergone rigorous optimization processes and its performance was extensively benchmarked and refined to ensure efficient resource utilization, resulting in smooth and responsive document comparisons.
  • High-Quality Results: With a focus on accuracy, Litera Compare was subjected to thorough testing. The team successfully tested the solution's capabilities by throwing thousands of documents at it, ensuring that it consistently delivers accurate and reliable results, meeting the users' demands for precision.
  • Scalability and User-Friendly Features: To ensure widespread adoption and satisfaction, Litera Compare was designed to preserve and enhance essential features users loved from previous applications. Additionally, the solution can easily integrate new functionalities, making it a versatile tool that evolves with user needs.

On top of these benefits, the firm appreciated a smooth migration process. "The implementation process and collaboration with the Litera team was just fantastic," said the IT Training Manager, working directly with Litera's solutions engineers to address any and all issues. "Concerns and issues are always responded to promptly and I was and still am always fully confident that everything will be fully resolved quickly," she said.

She also appreciated the pace at which Litera was guiding them through the deployment process and have continually felt supported by Litera's team. "We're not rushed with deployment, but we know Litera is there for us when we're ready and need them. They keep us informed at every step of the process."

The Results

While the firm has not yet made a firm-wide rollout, the feedback from the pilot program has been overwhelmingly positive. Since implementing Litera Compare with the pilot group, the number of support tickets has decreased by 97%.

With Litera Compare's customization features, the IT team was able to tweak settings to meet their requirements and attorneys' needs. "Overall, the entire experience has been very satisfying. We never feel we're cast aside if we have concerns. We're always being checked on and being asked what we need and how we're doing."

Moving forward, the firm is excited to continue with their 18-month plan, which includes a complete rollout of Litera Compare and the customization and deployment of Litera Create. "Everything is sketched out and planned for. We don't have to worry about what's next—Litera has figured that out for us," she says.

Overall, their IT Training Manager says the value lies in Litera's knowledge of legal tech and what lawyers need. "It really consolidates our efforts. We have full faith in Litera as an organization and in all their products," she says. "To someone considering Litera, my advice would be to run, don't walk. It's truly worth it and you won't regret it. You will be supported, you will be cared for, and most importantly you will have a great product that simply just works. Prepare to be awed."

Drafting Compare


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