A Litera Podcast

LEGALTECH MATTERS is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to creating conversations about technology, trends, and innovation for law firms and companies – big and small. Leading legal journalists, consultants, and lawyers Bob Ambrogi, Joe Borstein, Caroline Hill, Ari Kaplan, and Adriana Linares host the podcast.

In this podcast, Ari Kaplan discusses how legal issues associated with the cloud have evolved with technology law attorney, Bert Kaminski. They also look at the value of law firm practice experience, the mission of the Quantum Strategy Institute, the value of certifications for legal professionals, skills that enhance competitiveness, and the changing dynamics of legal education.


Legal tech journalist Bob Ambrogi leads an expert panel discussion on how legal teams can transform deal management by leveraging technologies that simplify the process to make it less onerous, more secure, and more transparent for lawyers and their clients. Our panel consists of Jeff Laretto, Cooley LLP, Emma Vertigen, Litera, and John Kelsey, Simmons & Simmons LLP.


Bob Ambrogi discusses Litera’s acquisition strategy with CEO Avaneesh Marwaha. Since 2016 Litera has embarked on a buy, build, innovate acquisition strategy. As a result, the company has grown and evolved beyond its document drafting focus to become a significant player in the transaction and litigation spaces. This year it entered the world of data to provide firms the information and insight they need to run successful businesses.