One Vendor

Today’s legal technology environment is complex.

As more services are sourced, firms invariably end up buying a wide range of products from multiple suppliers. This complexity costs you time and money.

Why one vendor for document drafting?

5 reasons vendor consolidation makes sense for your firm.


A unified user experience across the suite of drafting products with Litera Desktop.


Simplify the process of deploying, updating, and maintaining software.


Utilize a single team for account management, adoption, and support.


Reduce the total cost of ownership.


A single supplier supporting the firm from first drafts to final delivery.

The choice of the world’s largest law firms.

Litera covers all your lawyers’ drafting needs.

A suite of market-leading products across the entire document drafting lifecycle.

Get to a great first draft quicker.

Litera supports content from all Research & Guidance sources, lets you re-use your Precedents & Clauses, and helps you style consistently.

Save up to 85% of time needed to generate new docs and reduce manual entry with Forte.

Re-use, store, and share best practice clauses with Content Companion.

Fix technical and legal structure.

There are two broad categories of checking which take place. Those that involve Repair of the ‘technical structure,’ and those that involve Proofreading the ‘legal structure.’

Repair faster with DocXtools, improving turnaround time.

Proofread with Contract Companion or Litigation Companion, enabling lawyers to trade up to higher value work, and spend more time on client service.

Manage increased complexity.

In the collaboration and negotiation stage, the number of people, and versions of the document increase significantly. Ensure that details aren’t missed and mistakes in the transfer of the document don’t occur.

Let Metadact protect your firm’s email against embarrassment due to metadata exposure and unintended distribution.

Instantly compare complex documents with Litera Compare, so time is spent considering changes rather than finding them.

Give your staff the tools they need to work efficiently and securely

Automatically convert all image-based documents in a DMS to text-searchable PDFs using contentCrawler. The Compression module will then apply compression and downsampling to all PDFs, reducing them in file size.

Assembling hundreds of case files from many different locations and in multiple formats can take hours of work. Automating the creation of an electronic PDF binder takes the hard work out creating closing books. And with pdfDocs Binder you get the job done up to 75% faster.

Reduce the time it takes to review and permanently remove sensitive content from documents with pdfDocs.

And our customer
retention rate is over


Join us and see why the legal industry
is switching to a single-source vendor
for all their document drafting.

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