Our Story

Litera is the result of more than 25 years of experience delivering innovative document technology solutions to thousands of legal, corporate, and life sciences organizations across the globe.

Why We Started & Where We Are Now

Litera’s story is built on the notion that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. Litera is the result of bringing together a number of different organizations to become the industry-leading, end-to-end provider of document lifecycle solutions.


Litera acquires Workshare and Doxly, creating a leading, global supplier of document drafting and transaction management technology.

Litera launches Litera Connect, its third-party technology partner program.

Litera announces integration with Kira Systems, to enable the delivery of AI-curated content via Clause Companion.

Litera Desktop exceeds 60,000 daily global users.


Litera launches Litera Desktop, the full document drafting suite, accessible in a single interface within Microsoft Word.

Litera launches Clause Companion, a clause library solution allowing lawyers to quickly access their preferred content.


Microsystems, The Sackett Group, and Litéra Corp. merge to create Litera Microsystems, with a portfolio of market-leading products for document drafting.

Microsystems relocates its global headquarters to downtown Chicago.

Microsystems exceeds 300 firms globally using Contract Companion.


Microsystems acquires XRef, and evolves its market-leading proofreading solution, while strengthening the company’s UK presence.

Microsystems opens its third office in New York City.

Avaneesh Marwaha is named CEO of Microsystems.


Microsystems launches Contract Companion, its document proofreading software for law firms.


Microsystems launches DocXtools for Life Science to assist medical writers and QCs with repairing and styling technical documentation.



Workshare aquires SkyDox, a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration platform.


XRef is founded in London. They begin selling document proofreading software to law firms.


Litéra Corp. launches Metadact, its metadata removal solution.


Microsystems expands its global presence with the opening of its London office.


Workshare launches Workshare Protect Enterprise, offering metadata removal and email encryption.


Microsystems grows to 60 staff, supporting a focus on perfecting documents and providing market-leading customer support.


Litéra Corp. launches its flagship product Change-Pro, the first software to handle comparison of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files.


Microsystems launches its flagship product, DocXtools, a document repair and styling solution.


Litéra Corp. is founded in McLeansville, NC and begins selling IDS (Intelligent Document System), a platform that allowed users to work on documents simultaneously.


Workshare is founded in London and becomes the first company to offer document comparison through their DeltaView redlining technology.


Microsystems is founded in Chicago, selling software for transitioning law firms’ documents from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word.

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