Litera Microsystems is the result of more than 20 years of experience delivering innovative document technology solutions to the legal and life sciences communities. Our focus is on helping organizations spend more time creating the highest quality documents and less time fixing them.

The integration of Litéra, Microsystems, The Sackett Group, and XRef is a response to our industry’s trend towards providing end-to-end solutions rather than having customers manage multiple vendors. Litera Microsystems introduces a suite of best-in-class products that improve our customers’ ability to focus on what matters: serving their clients, not their documents.

Each company’s story began in a unique place, from former lawyers responding to the profession’s pain points, to experts helping law firms transition to the word processor of the future, to an industry outsider developing software out of a passion for problem-solving technology.

Each organization brought a level of knowledge and service to Litera Microsystems that makes us the industry-leading, end-to-end provider of document lifecycle solutions. We understand that the service that we provide, in addition to our software, is a difference-maker. This is why we continue to support our solutions with the foremost customer service in the industry.

Today, we support more than 1,300 organizations across the globe in both the legal and life sciences sectors.


Clause Companion is launched as the newest addition to Companion Suite and first release as an integrated company. Clause Companion provides lawyers with an easy way to store and retrieve preferred clauses from within Microsoft Word.

Litera Microsystems is revealed as the integrated company’s new name

Microsystem, The Sackett Group and Litéra Corp. merge to create a complete best in the business Document Lifecycle Management portfolio company

Microsystems relocates global headquarters to downtown Chicago, IL

Microsystems exceeds 300 firms globally using Contract Companion

Litéra Corp. launches mobile comparison app


Microsystems merges with XRef, combining forces to create a best-of-breed, market-leading proofreading solution and strengthening the company’s UK presence

Microsystems opens third office, in New York City

Microsystems launches DocXtools Companion

Litéra Corp. opens Manila office

Litéra Corp. launches Change-Pro for PowerPoint, allows for comments comparison and native PDF comparison


Microsystems launches Contract Companion, a first foray into artificial intelligence, enabling lawyers to proofread more accurately than ever before

Microsystems expands offering to the life sciences industry, with the launch of DocXtools for Life Sciences, helping medical writers and QCs with the submission process


Microsystems launches Patent Companion with WordTrends, the cloud-based solution that analyzes a patent application and highlights potential errors and issues seconds


Microsystems launches 3BClean, a server-based metadata cleaning solution


Microsystems expands global presence with opening of the London office

The Sackett Group launches Forte under the name MacPac10


Both Microsystems and Litéra Corp. launch several products to complete the document lifecycle for legal


Microsystems becomes a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a certification maintained today, cementing a relationship with Microsoft as an expert in developing collaboration and business productivity solutions for the Microsoft Office suite


Microsystems grows to 60 staff, supporting a focus on perfecting documents and providing market-leading customer support


Litéra Corp. launches flagship product Change-Pro, first to offer Excel large file support, multi-sheet comparisons

The Sackett Group officially becomes an entity


Microsystems launches flagship product, DocXtools, which is still in use in hundreds of firms around the world today


Litéra Corp. granted 30 patents


Litéra Corp. is founded by Deepak Massand. The first product offered is IDS with Change-Pro following


Microsystems opens a one-room office in Chicago, where the first four employees created software that transformed the legal industry’s documents as they transitioned from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word


Microsystems is founded and sets to work changing the way organizations perfect their documents


Linda Sackett starts a business selling “The Legal MacPac”