Nature, Subject Matter, Purpose and Duration of Processing:
  • Nature and Subject Matter - We are a member of the Litera group, which is a provider of innovative technology services and solutions. We have contracted with the Customer to provide certain of our document technology services and solutions to the Customer.
  • Purpose - The Personal Information that we process when we access the Customer's systems in relation to the provision of support or when Personal Information is provided by the Customer through Support;
  • Duration - In respect of each Customer, we will process such Personal Information (i) for the duration of the Customer Contract; and (ii) for the period after the termination or expiry of the Customer Contract during which we have surviving obligations that require us to process such Personal Information or the Customer continues to store such information on our systems.
Categories and types of Personal Information:
  • Non-special categories of Personal Information - Personal details including first name, last name, email address or any other information provided by the Customer.
  • Special categories of Personal Information – Not required. However, Customer may choose to provide through Support.
  • Criminal convictions information - Not required. However, Customer may choose to provide through Support.
Categories of Data Subjects:
  • It may include staff such as partners, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, temporary and casual workers and other personnel engaged by the Customer.
  • It will include any person whose Personal Information is included in the documents and other materials in respect of which Customer uses Company's support services.
  • Example categories of data subject may include: Staff including volunteers, agents, temporary and casual workers; suppliers; members or supporters; complainants, correspondents and enquiries; relatives, guardians and associates of data subjects; patients and persons participating in treatment, trials and research; students and pupils; offenders and suspected offenders; persons involved in litigation, court proceedings and the criminal and civil justice systems; investors, shareholders and beneficial owners; experts and witnesses; or advisers, consultants and other professional experts.

Processing Activities & Storage:
  • All Personal Information is stored and processed on Customer's premise. Personal Information is not stored on Company's applications, except for support tickets which are stored temporarily while the ticket is being resolved and then deleted.
  • Access: Company may have limited access to Personal Information when Customer open a support
  • ticket.
  • Dissemination: not applicable
  • Alternation: not applicable
  • Combination: not applicable
  • Consultation (viewing): only in limited instances when a support ticket is opened by Customer.
  • Deletion: generally, not applicable. Except for Personal Information which is included in a support
  • ticket which is deleted routinely by Company.
  • Frequency: Continuous basis.