Why Clocktimizer?

Boost Profits and Improve Client Service 

Natural language processing accurately determine task codes from invoices for data-driven matter management, pricing, and budgeting that helps drive firm profitability.  

Data-Driven Decision Making

Understand who does what, when, where, and at what cost to price with data-driven confidence, improve internal processes, and increase profitability. Offer transparent service delivery, clear pricing, and top-tier matter management. 

Pricing and Scoping

We help law firms understand value, cost, and predictability based on historical matter data. Become data-driven partner with tools that enable you to respond in real-time to any incoming pricing request. 

Legal Matter Management

Firms often run countless numbers of complex matters at once. Clocktimizer allows you to manage all of your matters in one place, from budget oversight to out-of-scope work notifications, and scale legal project management across the firm. 

Practice Analysis

Get answers to questions in a few clicks—from your most profitable practice area to identifying time spent on activities.

See How Litera Clocktimizer Enables Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Driven AFAs

Make tailored pricing arrangements based on historical data for both client and firm success.

Scope for Success

Avoid unexpected costs with advanced scoping and real-time resource management. 

Time is Money

Stop playing catch up and start planning with actionable, detail-driven data at the click of a button.

Scalable Legal Project Management

Summarize matter data into an easy-to-understand dashboard with tailored notifications. 

No Manual Task Coding

Easily access data with natural language processing on narratives, giving granular insights for your most important matters or clients. 

Know Your Most Valuable Clients

Breakdown your client relationships by profitability, team members, and type of work done to understand who’s essential to your firm. 

Is your firm ready for data-driven decision making?


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