Why Concep?

Powerful and Easy-to-Use 

Crafted for legal professionals, our marketing software combines robust capabilities, user-friendly design, and expert assistance. Designed to seamlessly align with your tools and operational workflows.

Intuitive Email and Form Builder

Streamline the design process with user-friendly features that ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to craft professional communications effortlessly.

Marketing Automation, A/B Testing, and Social Media Integration

Automate tasks, refine content through rigorous testing, and seamlessly connect with your audience across various social platforms.

Expert Support From Your Designated Team

Experience unwavering support from your dedicated team of experts, ensuring success and peace of mind in your marketing endeavors.

Custom Reporting, Web Tracking, and Analytics

Tailor reports to meet your specific needs, track online activities in real time, and harness the power of analytics for informed decision-making.

Contact Preference Management

Seamlessly navigate and customize communication channels, ensuring that your interactions align perfectly with the preferences of your contacts.

Enterprise-Grade Security, Compliance, and Deliverability

Concep ensures enterprise-grade protection, adheres to regulatory requirements, and guarantees optimal message delivery.

Power Your Content and Event Strategies

CRM and Marketing Integration 

Concep integrates with your CRM and your content and event platforms for enhanced personalization, deeper analytics, powerful automations, and reduced admin. 

Marketing Automation

Content and events sit at the heart of your marketing strategy. Concep is designed to drive engagement and efficiency for these two pivotal activities.

Concep Simplifies Law Firm Marketing

Grow Your Content’s Reach and Engagement

Enjoy frictionless data capture journeys, convert leads, and deliver  content with easy-to-use templates, embeddable forms, drip campaigns, web tracking, and more. 

Manage Your Events and Webinars

Automate your end-to-end events management process. Easily track your engagement, responses, payments, and more with comprehensive reporting.

Empower Business Development and Understand Your ROI

Surface customer insight to power your business development. View and edit pre-built reports, or create your own, to analyze your activities and understand ROI. 

Win Back Time Spent on Repetitive Manual Tasks

Concep automates repetitive manual tasks like exporting and importing lists, opt-outs, and more—so you can easily manage your data in one place and focus on high-value work. 

Feel Secure and Supported Every Step of the Way

Rest easy with our robust and secure platform combined with personal service from our team of experts. We’ll work with you to create and implement tailored marketing automation workflows. 

Strengthen Your Internal Processes

Flexible account structures and configurable user roles give you full control. Plus, you can share test campaigns and gain approval internally with a recorded audit trail. 

Ready to See Concep in Action? 


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